Another Montona to Govern Great Pillars

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars Station) Consul Cicero Rnenta announced today that Junia Montona has been named Governor of Great Pillars Station, replacing the recently-deceased Gov. Sergio Vitus.  Junio Montona, is the niece of Agrippus Montona, who Governed the station until 112.  Vitus had stepped in to take over the position during the Catastrophe when the pressure of the position proved too much for the aging Agrippus Montona.

Junia Montona graduated from Collegia Antonia, where she received her degree in Business and an advanced degree in Industrial Psychology.  Julia began her career at TRI in the Research Division, working in Project Management and has spent her last seven years at Dorator Technologies — her most recent position being VP of Organizational Dynamics.

Montona, age 37, is the youngest person on record to govern a station in any faction.


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