E.R.I. Employee Destroys RB-2 Facility; Receives Serious Censure

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Pilot GrimGriz of Edgar Reece Industries today attacked and destroyed the damaged RB-2 factory in Quantar Core sector with minimal resistance.

“He’s a Hyperial terrorist,” said First Tahir Pejia Neamru.  “And this attack was not on Quantar — it was on ALL of the civilized factions who need this important equipment for maintenance and repair.”

While GrimGriz took credit for destroying the facility, he did not indicate why he chose that particular target rather than something more specifically-vital to Quantar..

The Office of Solrain Premier Demeter Garreth released the following statement:


We are all saddened and angered by the acts of this troubled individual.  Not only because he is a Solrain citizen — but because we just conferred one of our high honors upon him. We are embarrassed in the extreme.  This irenegade also had the gg emailimpudence to contact our just-elected Speaker, Ms. Duvazaco, and infer her involvement.

This last act moved Mr. Grim’s behavior from being obnoxious and embarrassing — to being an affrobnt to Solrain.  Because of the seriousness of these circumstances, I am using my authority as Premier to strip pilot GrimGriz of both is Solrain political standing and his place in our Hall of Fame.

The Premier would not say whether other employees of E.R.I would be receiving any censure, but a staffer who asked not to be identified heard Garreth yelling: “Where’s Reece.  I want his ass sitting in my office tomorrow or there will be hell to pay!”

Launch Systems Debacle Causes TRI Corp Shakeup

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) TRI Corporation today announced several organizational changes within its TRI Industries Division.

“In order to better align with our new strategic initiatives, we have decided to make a few changes to the Leadership Team in TRI Industries,” said TRI Corp. CEO Garth Taren.  “Effective immediately, Dorakk Thol is taking over the reins of the TRI Industries, reporting directly to me.  Alwyn Pinguar has elected to take early retirement, and we wish him well with his new life.

“Sagrith Hubri who has spent many years as one of Dorakk’s key advisors, will be stepping up as Director of the Manufacturing, Mercantile and Economics Group.

“We have also elected to make changes within the Station Systems and Maintenance Group where Yelda Mossad will take over as Director.  Yelda joins us from Aristio Conglomerated, where she successfully led the Propulsion Systems Division for 12 years.  As a result, Director Silvaar Ivyx will be leaving TRI Corp after 22 years.  We thank him for his many years of dedicated service.”

Although not noted in the TRI announcement, it is clear that the shakeup is a direct result of the ongoing launch-systems debacle that has shut down all traffic to and from all stations.  Economic impact from this has been estimated in the tens of millions — and counting, since there is still no word when systems will be restored.

TRI Computers on the Fritz, KTRI Broadcasts Gibberish

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  TRI Corporation had multiple computer problems over the past two days.  On Friday (114.7.4) the Mission Computers malfunctioned for just under an hour causing a delay in the kickoff event of Solrain’s RECONSTRUCTION DAYS holiday. Then on Saturday (114.7.5) KTRI repeatedly broadcast a gibberish message – which TRI engineers were unable to remove for over ten hours.

When contacted, TRI representatives simply said that these were not serious issues and no one should worry.  When asked if the two were related, they replied that details would be available at a later date.

The message that repeated for just about ten hours was:  NGYzNTUzNTM0MTU5NGM1MzRkNTU1MTQ3NDczMzMzNGU0ZTQ2NTg0NzRm

Pilot Ambrosius of The Brotherhood said, “This looked like Base64 encoding to me, but it translated to more code that I did not recognize.”

UUNN is bringing in specialists to attempt to determine if this is, in fact, code and not gibberish.  If it is code, we will be working to solve the cipher as quickly as possible.

TRI Medal Program Reboot

by Fence

(Solrain Core) The recent stir over TRI’s choice to award medals during traditional factional holidays has not yet run its course. Many are claiming that it is just an attempt to draw attention to TRI, away from the factions. TRI is adding into this mix a partial revamp of its medal system. Elle Rodan, Director of Public Relations for TRI-Corp, gave this statement:

With all due respect to the former RMD staffers who set up the medal system, none of whom are still with TRI-Corp, the old award system was a complete mess. Some medals were never given out, others were so extremely specific that they would likely never be given out again, still others have virtual duplicates, and even a few awards are just complete nonsense. In the coming weeks and months, we will be reviewing each medal carefully and rolling out a significant set of changes to the discretionary awards (such as Dead Fish). The automated awards for everyday pilot activities (such as Miners Heart) will remain unchanged.

For the short term, we are pleased to institute a new TRI tradition, that of giving out our most significant awards concurrently with the major Factional holiday ceremonies. Since the heritage of TRI is a blend of all factions, and the current operational realities of TRI-Corp are such that we still enjoy a very close relationship with every faction, CEO Garth Taren with full support of the TRI Board of Governors felt this was a perfect approach. We are not here to step on the Factions, but to assist them, work with them, and fill in the gaps, so to speak. A great many pilots fly with distinction for the greater good of all humanity rather than only for their home faction, and thus would not qualify for any of the major factional honors.

Sunday’s Solrain award ceremony is scheduled to begin at roughly 21:00 GMT, after the Convoy Event commemorating the Repopulation of the Surviving Planets. TRI’s awards are scheduled to be presented immediately afterwards.

TRI and STCC Face Off About The Reconstruction Days

by Fence

(Solrain Core Station)   With Solrain’s traditional celebration of The Reconstruction Days looming next week, and with the clash over the confiscation of the Tache Uzelin’s empty ship still fresh in everyone’s mind, TRI has announced plans to issue a few of its own awards on Sunday, 114.07.06, following the Solrain awards event. TRI’s statement indicated that the awards will focus on pilots who fly for the benefit of all the factions rather than just their home faction.

This year’s Reconstruction Days festival is being chaired by Speaker Demeter Garreth of the STCC, who’s re-election campaign for an unprecedented 10th term of Speakership is set to kick off during the holiday. She is well known among many pilots and their dirtside relations as “the pilot’s Speaker,” a moniker she claimed during the closing days of the last election cycle (by stating as-yet-unfulfilled intentions to become a jump pilot herself), which according to most pundits, enabled her to snatch a victory from certain defeat at the polls. We caught up with Speaker Garreth, who had this to say about TRI’s announcement:

Frankly, what TRI Corp is trying to do here is really a non-issue. Pilots are not stupid–they know The Reconstruction Days has been a standing Solrain tradition for nearly a thousand years, since the early days of the SRI. The attention seekers at The Corp are desperate to find relevance for themselves in the post-TRI era, and The Corp tossing out some awards to some (albeit very deserving) pilots, won’t be a distraction from our plans at all. Solrain is not necessarily at odds with multi-factional pilots, or those of the other factions. We hope pilots of every cut will attend this year’s Reconstruction Days. I assure you, I’ve got something up my sleeve to announce that will surely not disappoint.

“The Reconstruction Days” is a three day festival that celebrates the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative, with one day for each of the SRI’s “Three Laws of Pioneering” which later formed the basis for the (now defunct) TRI Charter.

Friday 07.04 – The Rediscovery of the Galaxy
On Friday, there will be a special Solrain Faction Mission created to to try and gather information on the old Solrain outpost station in Light Lost sector.

Saturday 07.05 – The Search for Arcane Knowledge
On Saturday all will be encouraged to search for artifacts.  There will be an agent at Cornea Station periodically throughout the day paying 150% of face value for any artifact.  There will also be an organized hunt beginning at 21:00 GMT.

Sunday 07.06 – The Repopulation of the surviving planets
On Sunday there will be Convoy through the Systems, so be ready with your Trasnsport, Tow or Freighter.  Time, route and Hauling Plans will be communicated separately.  The Convoy will end at Solrain Core, where the annual Solrain Awards will be presented.

Pilots from ALL factions are welcome to participate in The Reconstruction Days events.


TRI To Downsize, Cede Control To Factions

From the TRINN archives

By Rafel Solamis
TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In a surprise statement from the TRI
Executive Council, TRI will be downsizing its operations, and ceding more
control over to the factional governments.

“As part of a multi pronged approach to more closely align TRI with
the needs of its pilots, we are taking several immediate steps to grant more
control over day to day operations to local and factional governments, who are
better suited to serve their pilots.”
The initiative includes the following key actions:
*- Effective immediately, ownership of all TRI owned buildings in
Solrain, Quantar and Octavian space is transferred to their respective factional
*- TRI Research is being significantly scaled back, with Conflux Studies
being totally shutdown, while Material Sciences’ budget is being slashed by 90%.
Conflux Studies and Material Sciences activities will be outsourced to factional
agencies, and/or private enterprise, with TRI Research providing coordination
and oversight only.
*- TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography has also received a massive budget
decrease, and like TRI-R, is having its mandate changed to move towards
coordination and oversight of factional agencies.
*- TRI-RMD is receiving a significant budget increase.
*- TRI Economics Office is receiving a slight budget increase, to allow
it to better monitor economic conditions.