Blades Drawn on Oct Core

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core) Tensions ran high and long knives were drawn on Octavius Core when a group of employees of the Ministries of Trade — that included visiting functionaries from Outpost — got into a quickly-escalating argument about jurisdiction in Octavian Shore. The standoff took place during a midday meal at Kahn’s Kanteen in section 12c of Octavius Core

No one was injured in the argument, leading to the disappointment of many nearby observers. The official statement from the Octavian Ministry of Trade said:

We regret that some of the members of our Ministries allowed their disagreements to get out of hand. An issue that should have been resolved by some shouting and perhaps a limited hand-to-hand contest between two designees became much bigger. We are pleased to report that there are no casualties.

While Octavian Shore Sector is officially under Protection & Control of Emperor Cineon, Clements IV has regularly treated the sector as one of his own. Cinati emperors have controlled Octavian Shore and Primus Point – the only two access points into Oct space — since 31 AT. But in 59 AT when Clements IV came to power and was named as the primary Octavian Emperor in the TRI Charter, he began asserting de facto control of Octavian Shore because of its strategic importance to Ares Prime – partly as a gateway to the other factions and their resources and partly as a buffer against potential aggression from Quinctius II.


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