Hyperial Cries “Foul” on Ignored Faction Mission

by Thane Carios

(Barnard, Hypsos) Hyperial leadership has released a statement lashing out at the lack of participation the the Faction Mission they initiated on 116.12.30.

“Our mission is being undermined,” said Dr. Viggio Ragne, spokesperson for the President.  “We have seen any number of other faction missions completed within days and ours very important mission has absolutely languished – sitting at under 25% after more than two weeks.

“While other factions run missions to build some commodity or mine some ore, we offer the opportunity to move important research forward and we get NOTHING.  There is more to this than meets the eye and it reeks of Quantar interference,” he added.

Quantar’s Fa’hil Memta declined to comment at this time.


One response to “Hyperial Cries “Foul” on Ignored Faction Mission

  1. Local production of Hyperial is pretty much maxed out … except Gallium, Zinc and Copper everything is over 500, most of the Tier1 goods are even over 1500.
    The missions i’ve seen so far are about hauling random things to Hyperial. Payment is low, the need for these goods are not to be seen.

    So, no wonder this ‘mission’ is stalled. No extra money is gained and no greater need is seen, so there is no incentive to do anything …

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