-=DSRG=- Announces UC-12 Initiative

UUNN Newswire

Squad -=DSRG=- has announced that it is looking to acquire 100 PC-UC12 artifacts in order to create a fleet of “repair drones.”  Between 117.2.1 and 117.2.28 (or later if necessary), –uc12=DSRG=- will be paying 3 million credits per unit for UC12s.  They are also providing additional incentive by offering special compensation to the top three suppliers:  an AB4 for the top supplier; and AB3 for the second-highest supplier; and an EB3 for the third-place supplier.


Magnetic Storage Container

Collection of the UC12s will take place at Octavius Outpost Station, where they may be turned-in to the DSRG-r-OP drone for the 3 million compensation.

UC-12s are pre-collapse artifacts found in Magnetic Storage Containers.

Pilot Clanlord, leader of -=DSRG=- should be contacted directly for additional information.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It was pointed out to us that the UC-12 is typically found in a “blue” Magnetic Storage Container.  The image in the article is from a stick photo and, unfortunately, we do not have a blue one to include here.


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