Dorator Hires DSS Expert

by Thane Carios

(Hyperial Station) Dorator Technologies R&D announced today that it has hired DSS expert Jalil Aq’tamm to head its new Data Recovery unit.

“Mr. Aq’tamm has displayed unique skills in his ability to recover information from badly damaged data storage units,” said Rex Radic, Dorator’s Director of Communications.  “The addition of Mr. Aq’tamm immediately expands Dorator’s capabilities both in DSS data recovery, as well as in the area of general disaster recovery services.”

The new unit has been labeled “Dorator DDR” (DSS and Disaster Recoveries) and will be housed in Dorator’s Hyperial offices.

“Operating as a one-man shop just was not working,” said Aq’tamm.  “I was burned-out and broke … I was considering just giving up on the work and becoming a miner.  But Dorator came to me with an offer to provide both the resources and the income stream that I need to go on with my work.”



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