Hyperial “Ups the Ante” on Mission

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial’s Office of the President announced today that it will be making a special award to the pilot who completes the current faction mission that has now in its fourth week and remains at under 25% completion.

“In order to try to combat the subversive actions of certain factions and corporations who feel threatened by our technological advances, President Maximilian has declared that thehyperial-duty-ribbon pilot who completes this very important mission will receive the very rarely-awarded Hyperial Duty Ribbon, along with a CM3 artifact.”

In support of Hyperial and it’s faction mission, the We Build it Foundation, the charitable arm of Dorator Technologies R&D, will also presenting the pilot completing the mission with a 5 million credit award.

To receive this award, the pilot completing the mission must screen-shot the Completion Message and forward it to jgnewsnet@gmail.com.