CLAWS Pilots Honored – Finally

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement issued by Octavian CSD, various pilots have been rewarded for their efforts earlier this year as part of Project Magellan and the positioning of the CLAWS arrays.

The following pilots have been awarded Keval’s Thanks and Samon’s Legacy:

Squint127, Gemini, Apache, Northstar, Oct Owl, Bison, Tesrend, Clanlord, Solarwind, Slimpickns, Achilles, Ace, Jammer, AvengeND, backspace, DeMon, Goatbert, Gurney, Hermex, HiTekHick, LupinOne, NavymanFSU, Nocturnus, Quilland, samwise, Solarwind, Varg, Verelin, viper281, vorlon, Waarthog, InterOrka, Gunny, Nemz, daSlacker.

Also, LupinOne and clanlord have each been awarded Seeker of Knowledge.

In addition to the medals, each pilot will receive a small payment for their time and effort, from the Octavian Ministry of War.


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