Library Sends out Request for Thrice-Seven Info

The Sarath V Memorial Library has broadcast a request for documents, or any other information relating to the “Thrice Seven.”

“Since the recent recovery of Enkido Kahn’s log fragment, there has been a surge in requests for details about the Thrice Seven and we find our resources — both in the Library and the Databank — to be sorely lacking,” said Head Librarian H.E. Jenkins.  “We are reaching out to everyone for either documented information like news clippings, pictures, books — or even oral history and legend . . . just tell us what you remember.”

Submit your information on the Thrice Seven HERE.

The Thrice Seven were some of the most memorable heroes of The Reconstruction Initiative.  It was made up of seven pilots each from Octavius, Quantar and Solrain – primarily explorers and test pilots.  Some, like Enkido Kahn, had already made a name for themselves before becoming part of this legendary group.  But together, as the original TRI test-pilots and later as the explorers of farspace, they became legend.



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