Solrain Holiday Filled with Activities, Surprises and Speeches

by Kedra Brenari

(Solrain Core) This year’s Solrain Reconstruction Days holiday weekend included a variety of events – some planned . . . some completely unexpected.

After a bit of a rocky start riddled with Mission Computer problems, Day #1 hit its stride with dual missions. The first was a Faction Mission to scan the anomaly in Light Lost – and unregulated sector not far from Sol space containing debris from an old Solrain station. The second was a request for a variety of pictures – close-ups and long shots – of the station debris field.

“After taking some pictures of the station debris, I headed o the anomaly to scan it,” said Eternal Legacy pilot Pavalucci. “But when I did, the mission scan counter did not work. We reported this to Tmolus Shaen, the STCC rep, who was monitoring things from Wake. Then a TRI-ENFORCER showed up in Light Lost to check things out,” he added.scanning

Day #2 of the holiday was dedicated to The Search for Arcane Knowledge . . . which, of course, involved artifacts and artifact-hunting. The STCC, offered top-dollar for data storage (DSS) and component (UC) artifacts paying 200% of the going rate for thise items. It also offered 150% of face value for any other unwanted artifacts.

“We collected over 415 artifacts – way more than we expected,” said Tmolus Shaen, the STCC functionary who was responsible for collecting the artifacts at Cornea Station throughout the day. “Hopefully we’ll get lucky and find some truly valuable information in a few of these,” said Shaen, pointing to the shipping crates piled three-high at the edge of the Cornea hangar bay.

One piece of unexpected arcane information on Day #2 was a bizarre KTRI message that seemed to be simply garbled letters and numbers that repeated for almost ten hours, with TRI unable to remove it. Some suggested it was code of some sort. Other suggested it was The Conflux hacking the TRI computer system.

The final day of the Reconstruction Days holiday started with a speech by long-time STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth – the speech ending with a surprise as Garreth finished the speech by making her very first jump through a jumpgate, leading a convoy of about a dozen ships from Solrain Core to Octavius Outpost to Quantar Core and then back to Solrain Core.

Garreth_OPWhat could have been a disastrous situation ended up being merely exciting when pilot McPlowed of Clan McPlowed downed a pirate who was attempting to shoot-down Speaker Garreth’s ship after she made a “wrong turn” and found herself briefly isolated from the rest of the convoy.

The day was finished-up with awards and accolades with Speaker Garreth presenting Solrain Factional awards, and TRI Corporation Public Relations Director Elle Rodan presenting additional TRI awards. The awards presented were:

Solrain Foundation of Trust: McPlowed

Solrain Star: jabba2002, Nammoc, Winnkin

TRI Order of Merit: Drevent, Hurricane, Jump

Sarath’s Laughter: Diggler

“It was great to see the long line of ships on the radar,” said pilot Pavalucci. “Awesome ride. Awesome speeches . . . and congrats to Speaker Garreth for her first flight.”


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