Transcripts of Holiday Speeches

UUNN Newswire

By popular demand, the STCC and TRI press offices have released transcripts of their dignitaries’ holiday speeches, with minimal editing and commentary to make the transcript fit closer to what actually took place in space.


Speech for Reconstruction Days event 114.7.06, broken into <180 character segments for f5:sol, given by STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth (f, 57), outside of Solrain Core station near the Wander’s Pond jumpgate, from her personal Interceptor light fighter.

Greetings pilots! And welcome to the final event of Reconstruction Days!

As many of you know, after being reelected 8 times as Speaker, I had a rough go of it last election cycle, back in 112…it looked like I was being shown to the door.

My campaign manager and I had a …friendly…discussion about possible remedies for my situation.

The answer was YOU . . . Jump Pilots.

There’s something VERY special about “Welcome to your next life” –a viewpoint I KNOW you hold sacred.

And I realized how much all of us — the planetbound — NEED you.

How many industries, jobs, family members . . . POLITICIANS . . . rely on you?

Nearly half of our largest corporations have operations that cross factional boundaries.  ALL are interplanetary.

That’s why I made my promise to become the FIRST apex-level politician of ANY faction to undergo the jump mods.

Not just to continue to be the Speaker for Soria, but rather to become the SPEAKER FOR THE PILOTS!

To give a better voice for YOU who do so much – and are heard so little.

Obviously that plan worked! I edged out victory, then the Second Great Collapse putting everything on hold. So I’m here today to bring this great holiday to a close. Personally.

To make good on an old promise.

Follow me now, if you would…

As I *LEAD* this celebratory convoy across space.

[Speaker Garreth jumps into Wanderer’s Pond]

My very FIRST jump!

Welcome to MY next life! There’s nothing you – AND I – can’t do!

Excelsior Solaria!

[Speaker Garreth flew with the Convoy to Outpost, making small talk with pilots.]

When a pilot innocently called her “he,” she said “Although I’m virtually indistinguishable from a man now, I was once a fairly attractive woman. Pretty sure that’s what put me over the top in my first election back in 85. But that was quite a few years and kilos ago. :)”

When a pilot called her “Mrs.” afterwards, she repeated her classic campaign line about “I’m a Ms… No man would take a backseat to my career!”

[Speaker Garreth then flew with the Convoy to Quantar Core, delivering this speech.]

So, the Reconstruction Days holiday… My Solrain ancestors have celebrated this occasion since the earliest days of the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative, nearly a millennia ago.

The Great Collapse, some 2000 years ago, nearly wiped out humanity. Our primary planet, called Solrain vanished. But the Solrain people of the planets Soria, Amanra, and Hellion

climbed out of the thousand year Dark Age by holding to our ideals, ingenuity, and by forming the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative.

SRI’s Three Laws of Pioneering, laws that would later serve as the foundation of the TRI charter. These 3 precepts are at the heart of this weekend’s holiday:

The Rediscovery of the Galaxy. The Search for Arcane Knowledge. The Repopulation of the Surviving Planets.

Much of this has been accomplished. Much more remains to be accomplished.

Friday’s Sol FM was intended to gather information about the old Solrain listening post in Light Lost sector. Saturday’s artifact hunt increased our expanding library

of pre-collapse materials to study. And today’s convoy serves as a reminder that we need one another to survive. Goods and materials shared between all 3

major factions for the betterment of all. We have our differences, to be sure. But if the Catastrophe of 2 years ago has worked any good, it is as a reminder of the many benefits we have.

Some have asked if any new information was gleaned on Friday. And I have good news on that front, but a little history refresher first.

Back in 45AT, construction began on the listening post in Light Lost sector. It’s goal was to hopefully triangulate the occasional pings we still get from

the Planet Solrain’s database some 2000 years later. Imagine the gains if we could locate that… But in 49AT, just a few weeks after going online, a massive explosion ripped through the listening post.

Some of the debris was caught by TRI’s beacon, but most of the station debris drifted off into the unknown. Little credible information about the cause of the explosion was ever found.

Some believed a Quantar splinter group infiltrated and sabotaged what they considered to be a Solrain spy station. Others believed it was caused by an aftershock of the Great Collapse.

Many other theories abound…I won’t bore you… But in Friday’s data, we found pretty conclusive evidence that it was an internal explosion.

We’ve been friend with the Quantar for years, so we aren’t leaning on that first theory at all. But something inside the station was the cause of the explosion.

We may never know who caused the explosion, but at least we now have a direction in which to look.


[Snapshot of the result of a /chatwho, most flew in the convoy, some did not, others joined at other times.]


[Speaker Garreth then flew with the Convoy to Solrain Core, intending to give this this speech enroute to make up lost time, but distracted by the attack, only got the first bit done before docking.]

The winner of the Light Lost station debris photo lottery for 5 million credits…

Pavalucci. Congratulations. Enjoy those credits. Don’t spend them all in one place, unless I own that place. 🙂

The Solrain Star is given to recognize the efforts of the pilots of any faction who perform exceptional service and/or bring renowned to Solrain in multiple areas such as

credits, exp, missions, conflux kills, loyalty, reliability, and many intangibles.

I am proud to have flown today with its newest recipient: Winkkin!

Who is on 4 major statistical leaderboards. [Pause for various pilot congratulations.]

The next pilot to receive the Solrain Star is among the top scores in 3 major statistical areas, and an early Solrain Optimus, jabba2002! [Pause for various pilot congratulations.]

If you added the wealth of the second and third Solrain on the credits chart, this pilot would still be wealthiest by a 63 million credits: Nammoc!  [Pause for various pilot congratulations.]


Excelsior Pilots!



Solrain’s highest honor is the Foundation of the Trust: Exceptional Service and Leadership on behalf of Solrain by a Solrain.

Known universally in the past by the size of his wallet, but after the Second Great Collapse, he has chosen another path to distinguish himself: Solrain’s first Optimus: McPlowed!

Excelsior McPlowed! Excelsior Solaria!



TRI Awards Speech for Reconstruction Days event 114.7.06, broken into <180 character segments for f5:sol, given by TRI Corp PR Director Rodan (f, 34), from an undisclosed location using the ship known as TRI-SEC-2. It should be noted that Miss Rodan is originally from the rather isolated New Yigo Archipelago on Soria, the inhabitants of which are somewhat well known for their minor lingual drift from standard speech patterns.

Saluto pilots!

It is a pleasure to speak vvith you today on behalf of TRI Corporation. My name is Elle Rodan, and I am the Public Relations Director for TRI.

VVhat a lovely holiday it has been. Respects and prestigio to the STCC and Speaker Garreth for organizing these events,

and our deepest remorsa for the computer troubles vve have experienced this vveekend. Our best people at TRI Corp are vvorking on this situation,

and so vve expect no more dificulta at KTRI or vvith the pilot mission interface and tracking system.

It is my honor to present a few awards that transcend factional definitions. As you know, vve are retooling the medal program to better fit the needs of the pilots.

VVithout further ado, I begin at the end. The most recent nomination, only yesterday from the STCC’s Assistant Pilot Liaison Shaen, Sarath’s Laughter.

This medal is now awarded to pilots vvho’ve experienced an exceptionally funny or ironic sequence of events (not only ejection sequences).

Sarath’s Laughter is awarded to Diggler! Prestigio, pilot!

[Rodan needed to shuffle some paperwork, so Diggler told the story of how he proposed to Tmolus Shaen to say he found a PCE-3 to try to drum up interest in the arty hunt, but Shaen was too by-the-book. Then Diggler went out alone and on the 2nd leg of his route, found a PCE-3. Speaker Garreth confirmed the find then told people to “zip it” as Rodan looked ready to continue.]

The TRI Order of Merit is now awarded to a select few pilots vvho have performed exemplary services to the benefit all factions over the course of their entire career.

It is vvith great propio that I present the Order of Merit to pilot Hurricane of -=MACK=-! Commenda Hurricane!

The next recipient of the Order of Merit has done much and more to promote our community of interstellar adventurers…to help make us into a family.

Pilot Jump of! Prestigio, Jump!

[During this pause for congratulations, while Rodan was typing, pilot Drevent joined the channel, hence the impeccable timing remark.]

Our final Order of Merit goes to a pilot vvho truly needs no introduction. He’s run more missions than the next 6 pilots…COMBINED, he’s the only billionaire (and has almost 2),

and vvith 52m experience, is THE Optimus: Drevent! Commenda pilot!


This is all vve have for you today, pilots. There are so many exceptional pilots… Expect more commendations following our friends of Quantar’s holiday… Miner’s Days  114.8.29 – 31.


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