Solrain Speaker Shot At During Convoy

by Fence

(Solrain Core) The STCC’s scrappy Speaker Demeter Garreth showed off some evasion skills yesterday during the Reconstruction Days Convoy event when rogue Quantar pirate PinkThing attacked her in GVB. Speaker Garreth gave us the play-by-play after the awards ceremony. She was still practically glowing with combat adrenaline, and eager to talk about her experience.

UUNN: Tell us what happened with PinkThing. How’d he get in position to fire at you?

Garreth: Well, I made my only wrong turn of the night and jumped to Zealots Refuge while the rest of the Convoy was en route to Main Gate. When I jumped back into GVB, I saw someone call “pirate” on F3, and the next thing I knew, my shields were lit up.

UUNN: I heard you evaded like an old pro. Where’d you learn to fly like that?

Garreth: I had the best flight instructor credits could buy! After all, like I told the convoy, a Speaker for Solrain does not hit a petal or worse yet, splash while docking at Outpost Station. So I did what my instructor told me, which was “when they are eating into your armor, you TURN and mash the FF control as hard as you can! And always run toward your escorts, not away.” Pretty basic, but let me tell you, I practically put my thumb through that flashfire control panel! Lost a nail in the process.

UUNN: Yes, I see it. Now, I’ve heard that some dignitaries convince their flight crews to ignore safety protocols and install oversized equipment. Tell us, what’s really under the hood of your Interceptor?

Garreth: [Laughter] The only part of my ship that is not stock-sized and homegrown Solrain gear are the FlashFires, Duelist, and an AB-4 (that was found in Solrain space). That’s why it putters around at 440v!

UUNN: You survived with your ship relatively intact, around 50% armor. Did you shoot down PinkThing yourself?

Garreth: Oh heavens no. I’ve learned to fly from point A to point B well enough. And simple things like “turn and FF” but the only shot I fired was the political type. I nipped that scoundrel 10 PR points with Solrain for shooting at me. Not that he would care since he was already at -100, but you fight back in the ways that you can.

UUNN: Ok, so who was the hero of the day that saved you an embarrassing pod ride?

Garreth: You won’t believe it, so here’s a clip. I plan to keep a hard copy in my pocket every time I fly. It was a perfect way to end the convoy. I honestly don’t know who all from the convoy was shooting at the pirate, but the kill shot went to Solrain Optimus McPlowed, who would later receive The Foundation of the Trust, our highest honor. And it was his first PvP kill after the Catastrophe. And he was flying the classic symbol of Solrain trading power, the Pioneer. Excelsior Solaria!



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