Drone Down!

by Thane Carios

(Klatsches Hold)  The saga of the Rauder-1 drone came to an abrupt end yesterday around 17:00 GMT when pilots Valmagier and Hammer-BS located the drone in Inner Cloud sector.

“I was not really looking for the drone at first,” said Valmagier.  “I had business to do in Hyperial and flew through Inner Cloud, when I first saw a transmission from the drone. There were no conflux [spawns], which was surprising, because Inner Cloud has an anomaly. But I thougth someone else is searching for the drone, so I finished first my business and flew back to my Pos in Greater Locks to resupply it.”

Apparently Valmagier and Hammer-BS independently found Rauder-1 adrift far out in Inner Cloud.  “I first was making some pictures, because I had not decided, if I will destroy it or if I will tell Hyperial the coordinates and leave it there. Then I saw Hammer-BS approaching and my decision was easy, I had to destroy it first, if I want to get the reward. Hammer and I were both shooting on the drone, but I was lucky to get the kill,” said Valmagier.

Hyperial has not yet made an official comment on the incident.



5 responses to “Drone Down!

  1. Congratulations on the kill!

    When I read the statement of the Holy Office of the Tahirs I immediately jumped in my Squall and headed towards Hyperial. On the day before I searched in all 3 sectors using a standard arti-pattern without success. This day I was scanning Inner Cloud sector for hours by using a modified arti-pattern that covered the area in 160,000k distance around 0-gate.

    When I suddenly saw the drone I immediately charged my Spitfires, locked the Hellrazors and headed to Rauder-1. Surprisingly Valmagier was there as well sitting idle next to the drone. My thoughts were that maybe he is contacting the Office of the President to submit coordinates so I took the chance and opened fire.

    He then obviously realized what my plans were and started firing as well in his Solrain Heavy Fighter. His 5 Featherfires easily outgunned me so I came off second best.

    But the important thing is that this Hyperial experiment has come to an end, no matter who got the lucky shot.

    Hamalzah ‘ab!

  2. Thanks Hammer,

    all I got for reward was a negative Pol for Hyperial, which I was able to settle. But it was hard work. I am still waiting for Quantar to give the promised rewards.


    • Thanks to the Holy Office of Quantar, all was delivered. I will be more patient in future.

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