Big Sol Holiday … Little Sol Interest

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core) Cleanup crews didn’t have to put in any overtime after this, most recent, Reconstruction Days holiday.  To be fair, as in recent years there has been a far smaller event lineup than there was in days past, but participation this year was minimal and

First there was the “Holiday Mission” — a mission to haul in the commidities needed to manufacture Electronics was completed in time for the end of the holiday.  The mission was completed by Quantar pilot Hammer-BS.

There was also a “Rediscovering the Past” artifact contest.  The winner once again, Quantar pilot Hammer-BS.  Here are the details:

  • First-place: Hammer_BS (91) Cesium Medal and EB-3/2/1 stack
  • Second place Aeghwhyn (46) Platinum Medal and an EB-3
  • Third place NUBERANGER (30) Antimony Medal and an EB-2

There were no other participants.

The other event was a BLUE-Book (Solrain Trivia) quiz.  There was just one contestant.  Yes . . . you guessed correctly.  For getting 5 out of 5 correct, Hammer-BS will get the Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits. It should be noted that while much data was lost in The Catastrophe, this will be the seventh Seeker of Knowledge for Hammer-BS.  That has to be a record.

For those who might be interested, here are the correct answers (and data sources) for the questions:

This year’s questions (and answers) were as follows:

  1. Solrain Thrice-Seven member Cameron had a famous grandson.  Which Solrain T& member had a famous ancestor (hint:  BT).  Name the T7 member, the  ancestor, and brief description of what the ancestor did [Finn Gregorus was the ancestor of {Danus} Gregorus. He discovered Gravitic Fluctuation Fields]    or

  2. What squad had the same name as an historically-important Solrain exploration ship? [New Dawn]

  3. Before The Great Collapse there was a group of Solrain explorers who contracted a deadly virus and were placed into low grav orbital cryosleep in hopes that a cure could be discovered.  After The Great Collapse they were thought lost.  In what year were they later discovered adrift in space? [85 AT].

    However, we accepted 102.1 AT because of inaccuracies in this article, which has now been updated and clarified:

  4. What Solrain Historian had a long career as a jump-pilot? Provide both name and pilot handle. [D. Karr; ZeroZ95]

    (Prof. Karr is referenced/quoted often in UUNN and several of those identify him as ZeroZ95)

  5. What was the name of the station that was built to help find the lost planet Solrain?  [soLL01]


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