Cornea Station to host Alkotó for the First Time

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  For the first time, Cornea will be the host station for this year’s Alkotó holiday (Saturday, 116.4.30).  Governor Elia del Babon has made a public call for pilots to bring supplies:  “Because of the current, very important, mission to produce Machined Parts, we cannot sponsor an over-lapping faction mission for our holiday,” said del Babon, “But we are asking our pilots to voluntarily bring in Organic Food, beers of all types and Ice Ore — to help prepare for the holiday.”

The governor also pointed out that there is no official event planned for the traditional “nuking of the gate” this year, all pilots are still welcome to observe the tradition by firing one or more nukes at the the Outer Depths Gate at midnight (UTC).  Pilots are warned NOT to jump into Cornea sector from The Outer Depths near that time.

For more details on the background and history of Alkotó, see TRI-Databank.



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