Independent Auditors Invited To Oversee Samsun Work

by Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – Bowing to pressure from TRI pilots suspicious of their motives, Hyperial corporation Samsun Universal has offered to let independent observers oversee progress on their facility improvements, as well as ongoing work on the cure for the ‘Letifer’ virus.

“Samsun understands the caution that many TRI pilots have shown towards our intentions surrounding the development of a cure for the terrible virus that is plaguing Perasca,” stated Yar Tardon, spokesperson for Samsun. “While such caution is admirable, it should not be allowed to slow down our progress. To that end, we invite any corporation interested in bidding on the exclusive production rights for the cure to contact us, so we may begin to provide the necessary information to allay the mistrust shown towards this project.

“As a further sign of our good intentions, we will be shipping a sample of the results of our research to date to Corridor station within the next few days. While this sample is by no means a cure, initial testing has shown that it can alleviate the worst symptoms of the virus, and delay the terminal stage. Quantar scientists are welcome to analyze this sample, and will quickly see that it contains nothing malicious. Pilots wishing to provide transport for this sample, should submit their bids for the contract directly to Samsun.”


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