Tripoint Engineer and DSS Go Missing

UUNN Newswire

(Tripoint Station) On 114.9.17 colleagues of engineer Jalil Aq’tamm reported him missing after he had not been seen or heard-from for three days. Aq’tamm, who worked in data storage R&D for Ayabar Corporation, was temporarily on-contract to the Qua’it Tahir to try to retrieve and decipher the data on the DSS recovered in Tictac’s Hook just over a week ago.

Although Aq’tamm had started working on his project at the Ayabar facilities last week, his colleagues initially assumed that he had moved to a different site to work on the project – but began to be concerned when messages to him went unanswered.

Quantar authorities report that the DSS that Aq’tamm was working on has not been found either at Ayabar or at Aq’tamm’s home.

Aq’tamm was not a pilot and had not undergone genetic modification for jumpgate travel.


8 responses to “Tripoint Engineer and DSS Go Missing

  1. There is a POS called ‘Ayabar Lab #9(?)’ involved, where Jalli docked, but the lab is outside of the 100k sphere of my search pattern in Tripoint (or it is not in Tripoint at all) . The search pattern has a 90% coverage, so i might have missed something ..

  2. Please, do not broadcast this information! They are trying to find me and I am almost out of food and water. I have been sending maydays but no one answers them. My ship has limited comms as I am not a jump pilot. I am in Tripoint sector. I cannot jump since I’m not a jump pilot and I cannot attempt to dock at Tripoint for fear they will be waiting for me.

  3. lab 9 is closed, access denied. who is “TRI sec”? to talk them something real newsworthy :-))

  4. DON’T give them my location. PLEASE!

    I’m making progress, but it is so slow. The one thing I can say for sure is that this was no artifact from pre-collapse. It was no more than a decade old. Probably less.

    But I need another food and water resupply. Very soon.

    And a Power Converter, too.

  5. It is done! Not really sure to make of it as it was badly damaged so the text is fragmentary. But it’s about the conflux.

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