Factions Weigh-In on Transport Destruction

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  After a pilot claimed responsibility for destroying a crippled automated transport ship owned by TRI Corporation, TRI called on the factions to punish the pilot.  The Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (STCC) provided the first, and most comprehensive response:

Clearly this was a capricious act by a plot more concerned with his own agendas and vendettas than the welfare of all.  We very much understand the position of TRI Corporation in trying to ensure there are consequences. But while we abhor the waste of such precious cargo, we feel that the long-standing rights of salvage are clear here.  The ship was in unregulated space.  There was no living person aboard.  The ship was clearly not under any kind of powered control.

So, while we feel that the general nature of this detestable act merits punishment, we do not believe there is any legal precedent to do so.  If any additional facts arise that change the legal circumstances , we are ready to reconsider this position.

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Quants say Hyperial is Secretly Developing GenMod Program

by Thane Carios

(Quantar Core)  The Quantar Holy Office of the Tahirs has released “evidence” that Hyperial has been secretly pursuing a genetic modification program with the goal of rebuilding its fleet of jump-capable ships.

“We now know what Hyperial’s secret faction missions have been all about,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru.  “We already knew that they were testing jump-ship technology, because of the Rauder-1 drone.  Now we know that they have also been secretly pursuing their own genetic modification program.  The goal is clear.  Rebuilding their fleet .”

Quantar claims that the Hyperial program is code named “Chrysalis” and that it began over two years ago, with testing beginning early this year.  The Tahirs have also released an image (seen below) allegedly taken inside the Chrysalis GenMod lab.  It is likely that is was this information that was taken from Hyperial last declared to be contraband last Wednesday.  It is unclear whether Octavius was working with Quantar to obtain and publish the information.

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Oct Pilots Wanted for Questioning

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station)  Two Octavius pilots — Blonder and Fenrir — are wanted by Hyperial authorities for questioning.  According to Hyperial, the station’s automated Customs-Scanning systems set off an alert just moments after the pilots launched.

“We are not aware that anything has been stolen,” said Hyperial Dockmaster Renn Torrey.  “But the system showed a NO-SCAN right at the time these two individuals launched — as if the scan was being jammed.  We can’t tell which ship triggered the fault as they launched almost simultaneously.”

Hyperial has also submitted a formal complaint to Octavius, asking for its aid in obtaining information from these pilots.

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol I, No. 5 – by Ares Kiden

Subspace Transceiver Repaired
Pilots finally rallied to repair  the subspace transceiver in The Narrow Canal, and Solrain pilots are once again happily receiving KTRI broadcasts.  There is still no word on how the transceiver was damaged in the first place.

Octs Debate DSS History
The Octavius Emperors from Ares Prime and Martius seem to be having a dispute about the historical fragment recently found on a DSS.  What is being lost in the whole “whose sword is bigger” debate is the fact that this thing might be one of the oldest pieces of history we have found to-date and may even hint at our roots. Continue reading

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. I, No. 3 – by Ares Kiden

Engineers Report “No Answers” on Antiflux Factory
Well we finally received a report from the Multi-corporate Engineering Team at Amananth — and the news was not awesome.  While the fact that the engineers are still puzzled after trying a couple of different approaches is a bit concerning, the other part of the report was an absolute BOMB:  “. . .  The explosions on Amananth station apparently destroyed all of the backup data on the Antiflux systems and hardware, and DPDQ does not seem willing or able to reproduce it. . . .”

So that means, if we can’t figure out a way to fix this — no more Antiflux!  Do you think MAYBE we need to throw some more resources at this problem?

Dorator shares a “Freebie”
We’ve known for a while now that Dorator was going into the DSS business.  Over the last 10 days they’ve kicked things off with two DSS purchasing events, and then just a day after the second event, they publicly released the first dataset. Continue reading

Emperor Venticus!

UUNN Newswire

(Oct Core) – Venticus Marius defeated Consul Tesios Muca in the Duel of Accession to the Throne of Ares Prime today in a close battle that took place after a disruption from SOL NAVY. Here is the full transcript of the event:


Welcome brothers and sisters of Octavius. And welcome worthy witnesses of other factions to this great event. The Duel of Accession to the Throne of Ares Prime, and all of Octavius.

By the tradition and statutes of our great Nation, a neutral Marshall of the Duel must be selected.

The services of BLADES_INC have been secured. My name is Dominus Tanion, and my honor is to serve the Empire of Octavius on this glorious day.

The combatants are Venticus Marius, son of the late Emperor Clements IV, first blood heir to the throne;  and Tesios Muca, Consul of Ares Prime.

Combatants, by the traditions of our people, do you acknowledge my authority?


Venticus: I see that your blade is sharp on both edges.

Muca: I see that both your eyes are keen.

D_Tanion: Very well. The weapon chosen for this Duel is the Phoenix fighter. Both combatants loadouts were inspected by me personally prior to launch. Missiles will not be used in this contest. Separate by 20k.

D_Tanion: Begin.

The combat was reasonably brief and a close fight, with the young Venticus edging out a low armor victory over the more experienced Consul Muca. The disposition of their relationship after the fight has been a subject of much speculation on Ares Prime, however the brief exchange after the duel seem to indicate that the breech may not be permanent.

D_Tanion: Ventius Marius has prevailed! All hail Emperor Venticus!

Muca: Indeed! Very well fought. You are ready to lead us, and I was a foolish old man to doubt it. And so if by my life or my death I can serve the Empire, I will follow you. Hail Venticus! True Emperor of all of Octavius.

Venticus: Well said, Consul Muca. You were a worthy opponent. Do not fear me. It is said “Only a fool throws away his sharpest blade.” I am no fool.

To the business of the Empire: there is a War on with the Solrain. One we did not start, but one we shall finish! Those who shamelessly murdered my father: they should fear me.

Likewise for those of the STCC who have sheltered their criminals,

Offered us no weregild.

We will right these wrongs!


Muca: Sanguinem pro Octavius! My blood for my Nation!

Venticus: Triompe in Sanguis, Octavius!

The event was broadcast to all points of the Empire. Cheers could be heard from Oct pilots all over space, to those workers the orbital space facilities, all the way down to those celebrating in the streets of Trivera. By tradition, Ares Prime will enjoy a week of festivities beginning tomorrow with the official coronation ceremony in the capital.

Duel of Accession Slated for Wednesday

UUNN Newswire

(Ares Prime) Consul Tesios Muca has issued a formal declaration of his Intent to Duel against heir apparent Venticus Marius. Muca has selected the Phoenix fighter as the weapon of choice for the traditional Duel of Accession. The duel is slated to begin at 20:30 UTC this Wednesday, 115.06.03, outside of Octavius Core station. All pilots are welcome to attend as witnesses of this momentous part of the Coronation Cycle.

Consul Muca’s office has released this brief statement:

Clements was my liege and my friend. I’ve known Venticus his whole life, and esteem him as highly as if he were my own son. But this is a pivotal time for the Empire. If we are to survive, our Emperor must prove to himself, to our people, and to our enemies that he is worthy of the Throne.

UUNN has been notified that security will be tight, and a no tolerance policy will be in effect for anyone interfering with the traditional duel.