New Interactive Timeline Released

UUNN Newswire

In a cooperative effort between TRI-Databank, the Sarath V Memorial Library and UUNN, an interactive time line has been developed to record important historical events running from 3900 BT to the present.  It includes information that had been available on previous, static timelines and has been updated with new information.  Entries are sized based on universal importance and color-coded for faction-specific events.

“This timeline has the advantage of being proportional — spaced out appropriately across the years to illustrate the very active times and the very sparse dark times,” said H.E. Jenkins, head librarian at the Library. “It has been constructed so that the user can zoom in or out using a slider on the right side of the tool, and move through the line either by dragging or using the arrow keys below the slider.  It’s useful to zoom-out during some of the sparser years where we don’t have much history, and to zoom-in during more recent years where there are lots of entries.”

Most the entries can be clicked for additional details — and sometime links to external resources like TRI Databank.

Click on image to access the Timeline

“If pilots have any suggestions, corrections or additional pertinent information, we welcome their feedback,” Jenkins added.

Feedback may be submitted to:


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