UUNN Accepting Freelance News Submissions and Organization Press Releases

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ, GBS) UUNN has decided to expand its reach by considering freelance news articles — as well as Press Releases from Corporations, Squads and other organizations — for publication across the UUNN distribution network.

“The submission process is simple,” said Fence, the founder and Publisher of UUNN. “Pilots can submit their material directly on our primary news site. But to get published, articles should generally be under 500 words. We’ve also decided to go with the standard journalistic ‘inverted pyramid’ style to make it easier for our editors.”

Fence went on to add that while not all submissions would be published, submitters of those that are will receive compensation for their work. He also added that UUNN would reserve the right to edit submissions as required prior to publication.

The direct link to the UUNN News Submission site is: https://jgnewsnet.wordpress.com/submit-news/


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