Emperors Declare War on Quantar

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(UUNN HQ) Octavius Consul for Ares Prime Tesios Muca announced today that the Imperial Triune has decided to change its Political Status with Quantar to WAR.  This means that Quantar Military vessels will not be able to dock at any Octavius Stations.  Muca also added that any Quantar ships, civilian, military or mercenary were likely to be targeted in Octavius space.

“The evidence of Quantar espionage is damning,” said Muca. “The explosion at the Plutonium Factory was used to expose opportunities in our security data network.  And the attempt to hack the network clearly was Quantar in nature.  While we are not … yet … looking to wage active war against Quantar, let me be very clear :  Quantar ships of any kind, of any squad, and  with any tags — are not welcome in Octavius space.”


Garreth Wins Tenth Term!

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(Soria) – Demeter Garreth has proven victorious in her tenth bid for the Speakership of Soria. Final election returns show a narrow margin of victory over a vigorous challenge from Mayor Tebbor Rivik of New Yigo Archipelago. Mayor Rivik reportedly called to congratulate Speaker Garreth early this morning, putting to rest all rumors of a potential legal challenge to the ballot tallies.

Many will remember Garreth’s campaign kick off speech made during AT 114’s Reconstruction Days holiday, when she fulfilled a campaign promise from the 112 cycle to become a jump pilot herself. Pundits doubted her chances for re-election since she can no longer campaign planetside in person, and in fact she had taken a downturn in recent polls owing in part to her hardline stance against the jump squad SOL NAVY who’s actions precipitated the current state of War with Octavius.

Garreth credits the victory to her longstanding profitable record, her ability to remain connected to her constituency, and to Roober Swain, her campaign manager and long time chief of staff, who successfully ran her campaign’s “ground game” once again (though more literally this time) getting her message out to the voters.

Garreth Down in Polls

Sol-1by Fence

(Soria) – This year seemed like it was going to be one of the easier reelection bids for Soria Speaker Demeter Garreth. With a month to go, she sat on a comfortable 16-18 point lead in most polls. That is until the controversy surrounding the Speaker’s comments regarding squad SOL NAVY and their part in the assassination of Clements IV of Ares Prime. This firestorm has corresponded with her recent dip in the polls. Most pollsters have her trailing slightly, but still within the margin of error.

Speaker Garreth’s challenger is Tebbor Rivik, the sitting Mayor of New Yigo Archipelago. Mayor Rivik has made political hay with one-liners such as “The self-styled ‘Speaker for the Pilots’ should be supporting SOL NAVY rather than taking them to task for attacking the enemies of Solrain.” Likewise, recent comments by STCC Premier Christofore Parce have been less than supportive.

However, adversity on the election trail is nothing new to the perennial incumbent. Since her first election in AT 85, the Speaker has rather notoriously rallied in the eleventh hour. Classic examples of this include the AT 102 special election — when the 4 Speakerships of Solrain were consolidated to 3 — in which Garreth edged out another incumbent, Tmolus Merva, after trailing by a few points when polling places opened their doors. And as recently as the election cycle of 112 AT, the Speaker was down a dozen points with a week to go. Her campaign promise to become a jump pilot is widely believed to have saved her 3 years ago. But with Solrain Election Day quickly approaching (always the Sunday just preceding The Reconstruction Days holiday), it will be interesting to see what–if anything–can save her campaign this time.

For more information, see the updated Solrain Factional Profile.

Octavius Honors Strike Force

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(Oct Core) – The pilots leading the strike force against the Solrain Barracuda Bomber Naval Yard were honored today with the Night’s Blade.

Night’s Blade
Prestigious Honrors
This medal is awarded to Heroes of Octavius who excelled in battle for the Empire.

Emperor Venticus Marius of Ares Prime issued a brief statement about the awards.

The Barracuda was the weapon of the Solrain assassin who cut short my father Clement’s reign. Our loyal agents went to work immediately to get those shields down. When I issued the call for retribution, _RAZAAR_, Filzi, and Haldir led the charge. Excellent work pilots. Triompe in Sanguis!

Quantar Heightens Military Readiness

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In response to the Octavius-Solrain war, the Fa’hil Memta has decided to degrade its diplomatic status with both of those factions.

“We must have our Military at a heightened state of readiness,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru. “While we do not desire all-out war with Octavius or Solrain, we are obliged to give our Military maximum flexibility to defend the People of Hamalzah — as well as our stations, buildings and critical resources,” she added.

There was no indication that the current status with Hyperial would change, though — unofficially — relations between Quantar and Hyperial are never truly “friendly.”

Hyperial Backs Solrain

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(Hypsos)  In a somewhat surprising move, Hyperial has changed its diplomatic stance with Octavius to WAR in response to the recent attack on a Solrain facility that was ordered by Emperor Venticus

“As a civilized spacefaring society, Hyperial simply cannot condone the wanton destruction of important infrastructure in this way,” said Hyperial President Drago Maximilian. “The new Octavius Emperor is feeling his power and needs to be checked. So we find that we must support our Solrain neighbors against this wanton aggression. Where TRI has failed, Hyperial steps forward.”

Solrain Rushes to Rebuild After Naval Yard Attack

By Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) The STCC acted quickly in organizing a Faction Mission to rebuild the Barracuda bomber manufacturing facility after it was destroyed yesterday by a trio of Octavius pilots in retalliation for the assassination of Emperor Clements IV.

“We were caught with our pants down,” said STCC Premier Christofore Parce. “I think we got a little over-sure of ourselves after SOL NAVY was able to so easily dominate Octavius. We need them to show a little more of that now.”

One STCC insider said, “Looks like Miss D (Speaker Demeter Garreth) has a little egg on her face after the Premier came out and basically called on SOL NAVY for help. It will be interesting to see how that plays in the upcoming election.”

As yet, there has been no progress on this mission.