Plutonium Factory Repairs Finally Completed

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  More than three months after an explosion severely damaged the Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core sector — and six weeks after a Faction Mission bringing in critical repair supplies was completed — the facility has finally been repaired.  Today, at the urging of Consul Tesios Muca of Ares Prime, the plutonium-factory-repairfacility was repaired by two “drone-ships” owned by squad -=DSRG=-: DSRG-r-OP and
DSRG-r-QC.  Keval’s Thanks awards were given to each drone as well as to pilot Aeghwhyn, who towed a Conflux swarm that had wandered into the sector during the repair effort.

plutonium-factory-repair2“The real thanks goes to pilots Clanlord and Aeghwhyn who, as I understand it, piloted these repair drones,” said Consul Muca.  “This effort took far too long to happen, but at least now, the thing it done.  And this drone technology has been very enlightening.  The Empire will have to look into it.”



Pilots Successfully Complete Special Mission

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core)  The Office of Consul Tesios Muca has reported that the mission to begin the process of  repairing or replacing the damaged Plutonium Factory in Oct Core sector has been successfully completed.


“We are pleased to announce that today’s special mission was a success.  Hundreds of scans and high-resolution images were gathered by a handful of pilots today.  Engineers will now begin the laborious process of analyzing the data.  Once that is done, we can determine whether we can repair the facility, or must demolish and rebuild.”


Pilots Blonder, Eleven, Hopwil and SandGod were well rewarded for their efforts, and will be receiving Captain’s Commendations as well.

Octavius Schedules Factory Inspection Mission

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  Octavius has announced that it is scheduling a special Factory Inspection Mission to determine whether repairs can commence on the damaged Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core Sector.

160730_142925“We require as much photographic and scan data as we can get,” said Consul Tesios Muca, who will coordinate the mission. “We call on all non-Quantar pilots to join us in scanning and photographing the damaged factory on Tuesday, 116.9.13 at 20:00 UTC.  The mission will last approximately 30 minutes.”

Muca also said that pilots joining the mission will be rewarded with up to 50 Octavius Pol-Rating Points; 500,000 credits; a Captain’s Commendation; and ten units of Octavia Lite.

Emperors Declare War on Quantar

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Octavius Consul for Ares Prime Tesios Muca announced today that the Imperial Triune has decided to change its Political Status with Quantar to WAR.  This means that Quantar Military vessels will not be able to dock at any Octavius Stations.  Muca also added that any Quantar ships, civilian, military or mercenary were likely to be targeted in Octavius space.

“The evidence of Quantar espionage is damning,” said Muca. “The explosion at the Plutonium Factory was used to expose opportunities in our security data network.  And the attempt to hack the network clearly was Quantar in nature.  While we are not … yet … looking to wage active war against Quantar, let me be very clear :  Quantar ships of any kind, of any squad, and  with any tags — are not welcome in Octavius space.”

Barracuda Naval Yard Destroyed!


UUNN Newswire

(Sol Core) – The war meter moved a tick toward the red today when a strike fleet of Oct ships answered the call of newly crowned Emperor Venticus Marius to nuke the Barracuda Naval Yard outside of Sol Core station. Solrain seemed unprepared for the attack. Beacon maintenance was poor, and once it did become clear what was happening, other than a few defense droids, little resistance was offered. The STCC’s request for assistance from pilots owning Repair Beams also went unheeded.

Consul Muca praised the “valiant choice” of some of the strike force to rely on Mercenary tags at the onset. While this allowed Solrain to ding their PR for the attack and force a Pirate registry upon them (unlike Military Tagged ships who suffered no penalty per the rules of War), it also allowed them to dock at a public POS to reload quickly (not an option for Military Tagged ships during a state of War).

The STCC has no response as of yet, but assured us that “some response” will be forthcoming.

Emperor Venticus!

UUNN Newswire

(Oct Core) – Venticus Marius defeated Consul Tesios Muca in the Duel of Accession to the Throne of Ares Prime today in a close battle that took place after a disruption from SOL NAVY. Here is the full transcript of the event:


Welcome brothers and sisters of Octavius. And welcome worthy witnesses of other factions to this great event. The Duel of Accession to the Throne of Ares Prime, and all of Octavius.

By the tradition and statutes of our great Nation, a neutral Marshall of the Duel must be selected.

The services of BLADES_INC have been secured. My name is Dominus Tanion, and my honor is to serve the Empire of Octavius on this glorious day.

The combatants are Venticus Marius, son of the late Emperor Clements IV, first blood heir to the throne;  and Tesios Muca, Consul of Ares Prime.

Combatants, by the traditions of our people, do you acknowledge my authority?


Venticus: I see that your blade is sharp on both edges.

Muca: I see that both your eyes are keen.

D_Tanion: Very well. The weapon chosen for this Duel is the Phoenix fighter. Both combatants loadouts were inspected by me personally prior to launch. Missiles will not be used in this contest. Separate by 20k.

D_Tanion: Begin.

The combat was reasonably brief and a close fight, with the young Venticus edging out a low armor victory over the more experienced Consul Muca. The disposition of their relationship after the fight has been a subject of much speculation on Ares Prime, however the brief exchange after the duel seem to indicate that the breech may not be permanent.

D_Tanion: Ventius Marius has prevailed! All hail Emperor Venticus!

Muca: Indeed! Very well fought. You are ready to lead us, and I was a foolish old man to doubt it. And so if by my life or my death I can serve the Empire, I will follow you. Hail Venticus! True Emperor of all of Octavius.

Venticus: Well said, Consul Muca. You were a worthy opponent. Do not fear me. It is said “Only a fool throws away his sharpest blade.” I am no fool.

To the business of the Empire: there is a War on with the Solrain. One we did not start, but one we shall finish! Those who shamelessly murdered my father: they should fear me.

Likewise for those of the STCC who have sheltered their criminals,

Offered us no weregild.

We will right these wrongs!


Muca: Sanguinem pro Octavius! My blood for my Nation!

Venticus: Triompe in Sanguis, Octavius!

The event was broadcast to all points of the Empire. Cheers could be heard from Oct pilots all over space, to those workers the orbital space facilities, all the way down to those celebrating in the streets of Trivera. By tradition, Ares Prime will enjoy a week of festivities beginning tomorrow with the official coronation ceremony in the capital.

Duel of Accession: In Depth

by Fence

(Octavius Core) In a rather surprising turn of events, Ares Prime Consul Tesios Muca has issued a formal declaration of his Intent to Duel against heir apparent Venticus Marius, and therein he selected the Phoenix fighter as the weapon of choice for the Duel of Accession slated to for 20:30 UTC this Wed at Oct Core sector. But, pilots of other factions may be wondering what this is all about. UUNN caught up with a staff member of the Legate Historian of Ares Prime, Dina Zagabi, for a simple explanation of why this Intent is so unusual:

Simple? Ridiculous. But I will try to sum up…

Following some of our most ancient traditions here on Ares Prime, Venticus Marius, the son and heir apparent of the deceased Emperor Clements IV, must duel the current sitting Consul. He must do this because there is no other blood heir with an equal claim to the throne to challenge him. This type of Duel is typically a non-lethal matter of routine passing, unworthy of note–another Royal banquet during the Coronation Cycle.

However, by issuing his Intent so quickly, Consul Muca has openly declared that he intends to win the Duel of Accession and claim the throne for himself. There’s not been such a controversial Accession on Ares Prime for 150 years, which I’m sure your more literate readers will remember as the Strife that tore poor Maritus and Cinatus away from their True Emperor.

UUNN research indicates that legally the first combatant to issue an Intent has the right of weapon selection. Spacecraft have not been chosen as the weapon in living memory, but records show that starfighters have been used many times over the thousands of years of recorded Octavian history. Considering the method of Clement’s demise, we must assume the escape pods will receive priority attention and security. So clearly Consul Muca selected a non-lethal weapon. Yet his issuing an Intent at all indicates that he plans to take the fight seriously.

The typical outcome is little more than a formality where the experienced but aging Consul–after losing gracefully to the youthful heir–retains his position throughout his twilight years as one of the new Emperor’s most trusted advisers. This seems unlikely now. In fact, according to combat experts, the outcome seems highly uncertain: the Consul could certainly not stand against Venticus’ skill with a longknife, but experience is often a boon in the cockpit. And political analysts are unsure if the Consul has the support structure to make good his claim to the throne even if he does win the Duel. If Octavian history teaches us anything, it’s that tradition and ancient legalities are often not enough to overcome the practical strength of “boots on the ground.”

For more information about the sources of the Duel tradition, see article on TRI Datalink.