Fears Grow Over Conflux Inroads

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Changes in Conflux spawn patterns has begun to raise concerns among pilots.  There have been confirmed changes in spawn behaviors in a number of sectors — in some instances, the spawn strength has decreased, but in the majority of cases, pilots have been seeing higher-level Conflux drones appearing.

“This is nothing to worry about,” said Carlo Adiar, Asst. Director of Conflux Studies at TRI Corporation.  “We have seen Conflux patterns change periodically and see no particular threat-pattern here.” Continue reading


Protests Mar Reconstruction Days Holiday Celebrations on Amanra

by Yaz Shanndar

(Alexios, Amanra) Close elections always trigger strong emotions, and the recent Speaker’s election for Amanra was as close as it can get with the popular vote resulting in a tie, forcing the 100 members of the Solrain Citizens and Traders Council (STCC) to break the tie with a vote. But this election was also was overshadowed by claims that Hyperial hackers tried to sway the presidential election.

Millions of Amanrans signed an online petition stating that Ms. Whyte was unfit for the Speaker’s Chair, while anti-Whyte protesters gathered at cities across the planet.protests

In Alexios, more than 10,000 demonstrators braved unusually cold temperatures, chanting: “Whyte’s Not Right!”

In Arestol, protesters beat drums and waved signs saying: “Don’t let Hyperial Run Our Planet.”

On the campus of Sutonia University, hundreds of student-demonstrators cried.

We attempted to contact the incumbent Speaker, Cassia Verhal, but her spokesperson said she was not ready to make a statement at this time.

Conflux Expert Hopeful About Recent Data Collection

by Thane Carios

(Cornea Station)  When reports came in about new Conflux infestation activity in Connexion sector, Prof. Athena ShaiDen decided it was time to get some fresh data.

“I have not done any field work in many, many months,” said ShaiDen, the Xenobiology Chairperson at Sutonia University.  “I was done my classes for the day and had some free time, so I loaded up my customized scanning equipment and headed out.”

The Conflux had infested three of the four gates in Connexion:  The Stith, Light Crossroad and Ring View.  It turned out to be very good fortune that the fourth gate, Dark Crossroads, had not been infested. Continue reading

ShaiDen Back at Sutonia U.

UUNN Newswire

(Sutonia, Amanra)  Sutonia University has announced today that Prof. Athena ShaiDen has ended her sabbatical and will be resuming her teaching responsibilities shortly.

ShaiDen, the renowned xenobiology and Conflux expert, left her position at Sutonia on short notice two months ago to pursue her interests in Amanthi history.  DSS decryptions and Hyperial studies of the station had piqued interest and activity in Amananth research and it was rumored that ShaiDen had been pressured to limit her activities in that area — resulting in her decision to go on sabbatical.

ShaiDen unsuccessfully tried to organize a new kind of scan of Amananth station on 116.2.29 and has not been seen or heard from since.  She was not available for comment to this article.

Amananth Station Scan Planned

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Prof. Athena ShaiDen has announced a plan to do a comprehensive scan of Amananth station.  The effort will begin at 15:00 UTC on Saturday 116.3.5.

“To achieve the objective, we need at least six pilots to participate,” said ShaiDen.  “Pilots must have a scanner and an Insight equipped.  We will meet at Evening’s End where I’ll provide each participant additional instructions, and then we’ll head to Amananth.  The actual scanning should take no more than half an hour.  I believe this will be much more effective than the high-res photographs being collected by Hyperial.”

Prof. ShaiDen recently took a sabbatical from her position at Sutonia University.  When asked about whether this mission is connected to her sabbatical, she declined comment.

Conflux Specialist Takes Sabbatical

UUNN Newswire

(Sutonia, Amanra) Sutonia University has revealed that Professor Athena ShaiDen, the Chair of its Xenobiology Department, is going on sabbatical effective today.  No details were released by the university and it is unclear why she has decided to take a sabbatical on such short notice.

Athena ShaiDen bio.

ShaiDen Calls for Coordinated Artifact Search

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Professor Athena ShaiDen, Chair of the Xenobiology Department at Sutonia University, today called for a “coordinated artifact search” in Amananth space.  Urging the Factional Governments to come together in coordinating a co-operative mission, ShaiDen  said, “Quite by accident we have come across two amazing and unique pieces of Amananth history.  How much more might we find if we made a concerted, focused effort?”

Dr. Viggio Ragne of Hyperial, whose commented,”TRI and its crony-factions quake in their boots when it comes to Amananth.  There are dark corners there where they don’t want any light shined.”

Arbin Mallow, long-time member of the STCC said, “Professor ShaiDen would be better served focusing on the Conflux problem instead of her hobbies.  Wake sector was attacked again today and the Repair Beam facility there was damaged.”

Representatives from the other factional governments declined comment.