Hospital Releases Final Aq’tamm Update

UUNN Newswire

(Tripoint Station)  The Kapenja Medical Sciences Center released the following information today:

Last evening, Jalil Aq’tamm was removed from life support.  At approximately 23:22 on 120.7.13, he was pronounced dead.  The cause of death was attributed to brain injuries resulting from  his extended period of emergency cryosleep in a ship with  malfunctioning systems.

The Fa’hil Memta has said it is considering a brief memorial, but plans have not been finalized.

First Reports are Received on Status of Jalil Aq’tamm

UUNN Newswire

(Tripoint Station)  Quantar has released the first update on the health of pilot Jalil Aq’tamm, who was found in a badly damaged ship deep in Ring View sector.

“Mr. Aq’tamm was apparently stranded for a very long time — some of it in emergency cryosleep.  Unfortunately the ships systems were very badly damaged and its life saving measures were . . . imperfect,” said Dr. Zahi Saawah, head of Neurosugery at the Kapenja Medical Sciences Center.

“He has been placed in a coma-state to try to allow his brain to heal, but I’m sorry to say his odds of true recovery are not good at this time.”

Jalil Aq’tamm is famous for his work in recovering data from artifact DSS.  Ironically, it was Hammer_BS — a frequent partner in decrypting the retrieved DSS data — who was able to find him and initiate the rescue procedure.