Fa’hil Memta Announces Memorial for Aq’tamm

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(UUNN HQ)  Quantar’s Fa’hil Memta announced today that a brief sending-off ceremony is being held for pilot Jalil Aq’tamm.  Jalil’s remains will be launced from Tripoint station on his final journey on 120.7.25 (Saturday) at approximately 14:00 UTC.

All are welcome to come, and are also invited to present a brief eulogy if desired.

Hospital Releases Final Aq’tamm Update

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(Tripoint Station)  The Kapenja Medical Sciences Center released the following information today:

Last evening, Jalil Aq’tamm was removed from life support.  At approximately 23:22 on 120.7.13, he was pronounced dead.  The cause of death was attributed to brain injuries resulting from  his extended period of emergency cryosleep in a ship with  malfunctioning systems.

The Fa’hil Memta has said it is considering a brief memorial, but plans have not been finalized.

First Reports are Received on Status of Jalil Aq’tamm

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(Tripoint Station)  Quantar has released the first update on the health of pilot Jalil Aq’tamm, who was found in a badly damaged ship deep in Ring View sector.

“Mr. Aq’tamm was apparently stranded for a very long time — some of it in emergency cryosleep.  Unfortunately the ships systems were very badly damaged and its life saving measures were . . . imperfect,” said Dr. Zahi Saawah, head of Neurosugery at the Kapenja Medical Sciences Center.

“He has been placed in a coma-state to try to allow his brain to heal, but I’m sorry to say his odds of true recovery are not good at this time.”

Jalil Aq’tamm is famous for his work in recovering data from artifact DSS.  Ironically, it was Hammer_BS — a frequent partner in decrypting the retrieved DSS data — who was able to find him and initiate the rescue procedure.

DSS Riddle Deepens

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) Further follow-up discussions has revealed a yet deeper mystery to the “message” on the DSS-3 recently data-recovered and decrypted by Jalil Aq’tamm and Hammer-BS.  We have now learned that inquestimage hidden within the first image somehow leads to a cryptic survey titled The Inquest (25.3.6840). 

When asked about his recent decryption revelation, Hammer-BS said, “There were 4 phases of decryption from octal numbers to text, from text to image, from image to qr-code and from qr-code to survey. Especially the hidden image was tough to find as there’s no obvious clue that it is there.” Continue reading

DSS Duo Unveils Image Riddles

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ)  DSS expert Jalil Aq’tamm announced last week that he had recovered an especially large, clean dataset from a DSS3 that he believed to contain some sort of media file.  Within hours, his unofficial partner, Hammer-BS, had decrypted that file and determined it to be an image.  The issue was that the image just did not make a lot of 3_marksense.

The slightly-distorted image was a red imprint with the numeral “3” in each of the corners, and a horn at the center of an oveal with words surrounding it.  According to Hammer-BS it was some sort of very ancient currency used specifically to procure communication services. Continue reading

A Riddle Wrapped in Mystery …

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(UUNN HQ)  Well-known decryption expert Hammer-BS announced today they he had been able to extract a dataset from the Dannewar audio stream . . . but that leaves more decoding to be done.

The audio file is a carrier containing a secret message in it. I guess the noise was chosen to set people on the wrong track. I could extract the message but all I got was a new puzzle.
The content seems to be encrypted as well – maybe anyone can help out with this?
Jalil Aq’tamm and the SET Group had also been working on extracting the data.  Neither was immediately available for comment.

Audio Mystery Creates Flurry of Corporate Offers

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(UUNN HQ) The recent release of an unusual audio file by Dr. Thane Dannewar has created a small flurry of offers by companies making promises to “find waldo” . . . for a fee.

According to Dr. Dannewar, overtures have been made by Ayabar Labs, Dorator Tech, Lexxor Intelligence and the SET Group.  “I find it pretty disgusting,” said Dannewar.  “I went looking for group problem-solving and all I got is group profit-seeking.  If they want to help — well I released the file.  Go ahead and help.  There won’t be any contracts.”

To date, the only analysis of the audio has been offered by data recover expert Jalil Aq’Tamm who felt the issue was one of “deep sound” — but had not been able to decode any potential underlying datasteam.   Another entity who refused to provide a name suggested they were focusing on a “spread spectrum” analysis.

Hyperial Names Aq’tamm a Fugitive; Places 10mm Bounty

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* * * * * U P D A T E D * * * * *

(Hyperial)  Hyperial Special Representative, Dr. Viggio Ragne announced today that Jalil Aq’tamm, the jalilwell-known data recovery expert, is a fugitive from Hyperial and that a 10 million credit bounty has been placed on him.

According to Ragne, Aq’tamm had been wanted by Hyperial Security for questioning and his ship had been impounded — but somehow he evaded authorities and was able to gain access to his ship and launch.

Aq’tamm is no stranger to manhunts and intrigue.  In late 114, he went missing after working on a mysterious DSS decryption.  It was revealed later that he was actually in hiding after avoiding an attempted abduction.  After releasing the decryption he eventually came out of hiding and began an independent DSS data recovery business, often aided by pilot Hammer-BS.

There have been no reports of Aq’tamm’s current location, though it is thought he has not ventured far from Hyperial.

UPDATE:  To collect the bounty on Jalil Aq’tamm, a screen shot showing the “kill message” should be sent to Hyperial:  hyperial@tri-subspace.net.

Pilot Successfully Decrypts Badly Corrupted DSS

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Pilot Nafcon was the first to submit a decryption of the DSS code release yesterday by Dorator.

“Just after the Establishment of the colony on Ares in 4093, Adm. Ryne Patten, leading the 8th Expedition, has us a…. control the military …. abolish the colony assembly and declare emperor Octavius. Patten was saying: “The Eight Expedition …. from our little planet ……… a backwater. Our ancestors were pioneers, conquering a new world. WE are the pioneers living that spirit of Ares. We are not scientist or philosoph-men………children of the warrior. Though we are far from home it is the warrior blood that drives us.

 .. no official word from the Governors on Martius, but sou ….at it is … security forces on high Alert — even though….back from Ares w …..ake”

Continue reading

Dorator Announces DSS Collections

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(Hyperial Station)  Dorator Technologies R&D has announced two opportunities for pilots to sell their DSS to Dorator for its new  Dorator Data Recovery (DDR) unit.dorator-logo

“We will have two DSS collection opportunities,” said Jalil Aq’tamm,  the head of DDR.  “We will be paying a premiums for the DSS so this is a profit opportunity.  We will buy and DSS for 20% over the floor price.  So, for instance, we would pay 132,000c for a DSS3-Rare.  Additionally, we will pay 150% of the floor price with any DSS with accompanying provenance (i.e. date and sector where it was discovered).”

Date Time Location
117.3.4 15:00 – 16:00 UTC Hyperial
117.3.7 21:00 – 22:00 UTC Wake

Dorator will be collecting up to a total of 40 DSS.  There is also a maximum of five DSS per pilot per collection date.