More Weird Times

by Ares Kiden

On 120.6.19, pilots reported unusual spawns in GVB . . .


. . . and then an GBS-gate infestation disappeared in front of them without them launching a missle!

There were suggestions that Lithium could be involved . . . so who knows . . . but my medal1004sources say Aeghwhyn and DUBERANGER will be receiving Flux Buster patches for scaring-off an infestation with their mere presence.


Infestations Cleared

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  It took over a week, but pilots finally cleared the last super-infestation yesterday from Quantar Gate. It is estimated that approximately 800 nuclear missiles — including 20 specially-modified Maul missiles — were needed to complete the task.

Pilots Andanwen, Cat4Par, Cono, Donnie, Flowbar, GrimJack, HitGirl, Kanthakeh, Koopmans and Rail69 have all been nominated for FluxBuster awards.  Donnie, Flowbar and Rail69 have also been nominated for the Defender of the Barrier medal for their particularly important roles in taking down these infestations.

medal1004  medal123

Prof. Athena ShaiDen was originally nominated, but she requested to be taken off the list, saying that “it was not appropriate” for a person in her position.

New FluxBuster Patch Unveiled

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) A new “FluxBuster” patch has been unveiled to recognize pilot participation medal1004in significant efforts to destroy Conflux Hives, clear Conflux Swarms and drive off  Conflux Sentients.  The patch can be awarded multiple times and pilots are encouraged to display them proudly on their flight-suits.

The first pilots to receive the patch are AeghwhynAlafanDon_BrascoStopSign and Tallo — who combined to clear eight infestations scattered throughout Solrain space and disrupting trade.