E.R.I. Employee Destroys RB-2 Facility; Receives Serious Censure

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Pilot GrimGriz of Edgar Reece Industries today attacked and destroyed the damaged RB-2 factory in Quantar Core sector with minimal resistance.

“He’s a Hyperial terrorist,” said First Tahir Pejia Neamru.  “And this attack was not on Quantar — it was on ALL of the civilized factions who need this important equipment for maintenance and repair.”

While GrimGriz took credit for destroying the facility, he did not indicate why he chose that particular target rather than something more specifically-vital to Quantar..

The Office of Solrain Premier Demeter Garreth released the following statement:


We are all saddened and angered by the acts of this troubled individual.  Not only because he is a Solrain citizen — but because we just conferred one of our high honors upon him. We are embarrassed in the extreme.  This irenegade also had the gg emailimpudence to contact our just-elected Speaker, Ms. Duvazaco, and infer her involvement.

This last act moved Mr. Grim’s behavior from being obnoxious and embarrassing — to being an affrobnt to Solrain.  Because of the seriousness of these circumstances, I am using my authority as Premier to strip pilot GrimGriz of both is Solrain political standing and his place in our Hall of Fame.

The Premier would not say whether other employees of E.R.I would be receiving any censure, but a staffer who asked not to be identified heard Garreth yelling: “Where’s Reece.  I want his ass sitting in my office tomorrow or there will be hell to pay!”

First Tahir Assassinated on Quantar Core

From the TRINN Archives
by Thane Carios

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – Queliar Neamru, who has been Quantar’s First Tahir for more than ten years, was assassinated this morning, 111.1.14, at 07:22 Ekoos Time (12:22 GMT), coming out of the Tahirs’ private chapel on Quantar Core station.

It is believed the assassin, a sniper, fired a single lethal shot from the mezzanine area that overlooks the chapel. Despite there being over seventy people in the area when the shot rang out, no witnesses have come forward claiming to have seen the sniper. Although no one was apprehended at the scene, a weapon was recovered. Quantar Security has released no details about the weapon or any leads it may have at this time.

Quantar Vazir, Esteb Jarwahaal, released the following statement:

“Our First Tahir was assassinated this morning in a cowardly act of terrorism. Our people are in mourning for this man who has successfully led us for many years, and whose life was the epitome of the Quantar way. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family. Quantar has lost a great leader and a great man. While the killer has not yet been captured, there are certain clear suspects. As is our custom, the Second Tahir will move up to the First position, the Third to the Second and a new Third Tahir will be chosen by the People. I will be filling that position on an interim basis until a vote can be arranged.”

Queliar Neamru had been at the center of controversy on several fronts lately – at first with Rohi bin Hamalzahd, the former High Defender of the Faith, and more recently with members of the squad QSSP who have repeatedly accused Neamru and the entire Fa’hil Memta of corruption and poor governance.