KTRI Problems Traced to Narrow Canal

UUNN Newswire

********** BREAKING NEWS **********

(Solrain Core) TRI-GATE engineers have determined that the problem interfering with proper KTRI ticker updates is the Subspace Transceiver in The Narrow Canal.  Apparently the transceiver is damaged, but has not been broadcasting the damage codes that are supposed to alert KTRI that there is a problem.

More details will be made available as they are available.

TRI Responds to Reports of Enforcer Attack

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) After corroborated pilot reports that a TRI-Enforcer-type ship was involved in an attack on the convoy transporting engineers to Amananth, Dominic Serus, Vice President of TRI-DEF (TRI Defense & Security), released the following statement.

TRI Corporation was in no way involved in last evening’s attack in Amananth. Two of our engineers were on the Tow that was attacked. As we have said in the past when there were alleged sightings of TRI Enforcers doing questionable things — we have just two ships remaining in our security fleet: TRI-SEC-1 and TRI-SEC-2. There are no others.

In the past we had dismissed the Enforcer-sighting pretty much out of hand since weTRI Enforcer knew it was not our ships. But now, with multiple reports from highly respected pilots, we must admit that — somehow — someone either managed to salvage one of the ships from the old TRI fleet . . . or has managed to copy the design. Neither is a very comfortable realization.

Although there are confirmed reports that the Enforcer with transponder code 303031 was destroyed, there is no guarantee that whoever is behind this may not have additional Enforcer hulls available.

We will be increasing patrols with TRI-SEC-1 and TRI-SEC-2. Any sightings of any other TRI-Enforcer “style” ships should be reported immediately.

GBS Disk Documents ISU Attempt to Hack TEC

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) An optical disk found on GBS Station appears to include a partial recounting of an ISU attempt to hack into the Hyperweb accounts for the now-defunct TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC).

This mo ÈAÒNeoFX anA Üew other ISU members, finally found some of the TEC archives on the hype ±©Vä©Dytp://tec.tri-hyperweb.org/ind xT T ¤d after hours of non-stop ‘hacking’ attempts we managed to get access to these archiv Ôh er a security level of ‘field supervisor”. Once access had been obtai  ° À ark agenda bec 8@ P@ h@ing clear… ] ¤] °]  is a summary of some of the mo ¼L turbing information retrieved:

“TRI Evolut  q ¬y Council (TEC) was essentially born when the gen ÿÿations for jumpgate travel were first created. Realizing th ®®®®¿® plication of ’’’’’’tic material c xì  »»»»ì   ì         volution, we study the Conflux and atte ã      0‡‡00at other useful evolution ©©©©©ò         ©owed” to advance the int ò          yžžyyŸŸ   ž    žŸy
Ÿ©  ©  ©©ò

ISU, the Independent Space Union, made GBS Station home for several years.  Led by pilot ISU LogoRidgeway in his infamous Oct ‘battle-tow,’ ISU recruited a skilled, if unruly, roster of pilots including Bronx, FS_Space, Hadur, Fetch,  NeoFX, Sephiroth, and Vagrant.   While other squads were occupied with faction wars, ISU was one of the major forces controlling unregulated space, often going head to head with TRI in the process.

The disk was found in an old ISU storage area by Torn Danton, proprietor of The SpaceBar Pub and former military colleague of ISU-member Vagrant.  Danton, out of curiosity, had the disk worked-on and the data recovered.

“I just figured it might be some of Ridgeway’s famous porn collection,” said Danton.  “Frankly I had no idea that ISU was into anything as subtle as hacking the Hyperweb.  They usually took a more ‘kick-your-ass-to-find out’ approach to intel-gathering.”

Although there is nothing in the recovered material to date it, there is speculation that this invasion of TEC’s data systems could be linked to ISU’s somewhat sudden disappearance in 104.

DSS Yields Thrice-Seven Log Entry!

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Just hours after the dataset from a PC-DSS1 “Rare” was recovered and released, it has been fully decrypted and appears to be a log entry from Octavius hero Enkido Kahn dated 038.3.5 — just two months before his discovery of Amananth.

E.Khan Log – 038.3.5

We have been away from home now for two and a half years … for us. At home it has been more than four years.

We started the journey in our “77” intending to scout potential anomalies for new gates in sector EK.033.1.0. We left the warmth of Usil for this dark place and while there were anomalies to examine along our path, I decided to head directly for the pale bluish star three light years away. We have spent our two and a half years traversing this last parsec and it has been the most difficult voyage I have ever undertaken. This was the emptiest of voids and the crew, excited in the very beginning, has been restless and difficult since then. Six months into the journey I ordered eight of them into stasis chambers to preserve our supplies, and I watch my back carefully as the other three are in the mood to revolt. We begin preparing for deceleration in two weeks and I will have to awaken the rest.

I have determined that a single planet orbits the dim star, and while I have hopes that we will find people there, there is no way to tell at this range. I pray to my ancestors that my gamble here will pay off. In my mind’s eye I see celebrations and parades when we return to Cinatus … but it could just as well be a security escort and a prison cell awaiting me.

The data recovery was done by pilot Jalil — formerly an engineer at Ayabar Labs, and now self-employed at Jalil’s DSS Salvage & Recovery.  Decryption was performed by pilot Hammer-BS, who also originally found the DSS in The Split and gave it to Jalil Aq’tamm for data recovery.  The log is in pristine condition with absolutely no corruption and is a rare peek into the real life of a legendary pilot.

After his discovery of Amananth, Enkido Kahn would go on to become a test pilot for the first single-pilot jump ships, and then a member of the “Thrice Seven.”







Fourteen-Year-Old DSS: Shocking Contents!

by Fence

(UUNN HQ) A recently-retrieved DSS has yielded an entirely new kind of data — an image.  As with other DSS, this one was made up on long strings of characters.  In some cases, these are indecipherable … in other cases, once decrypted, they yield various types of information in text form.  But a DSS-1 “Rare” found in Lesser Locks four months ago, turned out to be an image in encoded form.115.9.4D1B-0

The document dated AT 102.3.15 appears to be an internal memo from the TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC) welcoming new members to its ranks.  There is some data missing from corruption of the data, but some things are fairly clear:  that becoming a member of the TEC was a lifetime commitment; that the TEC was involved with research that involved conflux genetics–not surprising since it was widely suspected that the TEC was the organization behind the Conflux Containment Center; and most shockingly, that the TEC supported human experimentation and denial of freedoms.

In 102AT, the TEC was tied to the attempted assassination of Dr. Holly Q’son and the disappearance of TRINN Reporter Zoe Vexel … among many other things rumored but never substantiated such as the attempted assassination Dr. Nevin Yrral (then Director of TRI Research) and the successful assassination of Zhilaa Katdinal (then Director of TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography).

While the TEC was a part of TRI during The Reconstruction period, it was not part of the reorganization into TRI Corporation in 105AT.  There has never been any information on the TEC membership roster.


Pilot Alleges TRI Enforcer Attack

by Thane Carios

(TRI HQ) TRI Corporation announced today that it has received a report that a pilot had been attacked by a TRI Enforcer around midnight GMT on 116.2.9.

TRI EnforcerA statement was taken today by TRI-SEC from pilot Spitmcgee, who had made public claims of being attacked by a TRI Enforcer-class ship.

“Spitmcgee was very cooperative,” said TRI-SEC Commandant, Solder Ronin.  “He met with one of our officers on Great Pillars station and was very forthcoming in answering all of our questions.

“But the fact remains that we had no TRI-SEC ships in-flight at or near the time of the alleged attack.  We have just two Enforcers in out fleet, so it’s not very hard to account for them — and rather obvious if one is missing.”


TRI Corp. Creates Beacon Awards – Factions in an Uproar

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) TRI Corporation has announced a new program that rewards pilots who tune and hold beacons for a full 25 cycles. “Everyone has suffered by the lack of pilot motivation to tune beacons,” said Tristan Kamihira, Director of TRI-GATE. “Beacons have gone un-tuned and unmaintained for extensive stretches of time for the past year or so. This means a lot more maintenance work for us, and a lot more danger to the pilots.”

TRI has created a variety of awards:


Beacon Cumulative Count Awards

 medal92 Rainbow Matrix Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 500 beacons 50,000
 medal91 Wave Matrix Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 5,000 beacons 100,000
 medal93 Sarath’s Plan Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 15,000 beacons 300,000

Region-Tuning Awards
(These can only be earned once)

 medal85 Blue Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Solrain space 5,000
 medal86 Red Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Octavius space 5,000
 medal87 Green Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Quantar space 5,000
 medal88 Orange Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Hyperial space 3,500
 medal89 Purple Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Amananth space 3,500
 medal90 White Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Unregulated space 3,500
* “Hold” means that the beacon must remain tuned (and not flipped or re-tuned by another pilot) for 25 consecutive cycles (2.5 hours).

Solrain, Octavius, Quantar and Hyperial have all lodged formal protests with TRI Corp saying that it has exceeded its authority and is interfering with factional sovereignty. “We will vigorously defend our space and our beacons,” said Consul Nestro Zagabi of Cinatus. “And we will deal with TRI as well.”

Not even a full-day into the new awards system, witnesses have reported a number of battle markers across space.