Cabana Room Demolished

by Kedra Brenari

(Great Pillars Station) With no apparent warning the Cabana Room, a destination for pilots of all factions for many years, was dismantled and salvaged by the Imperial Corps of Engineers (ICE).  An unnamed ICE officer said, “A C&D (condemnation and demolition) Notice was posted for this dump weeks ago.  I don’t know what the big deal is.”

The Cabana Room has been closed for two years, and while there had been sporadic rumours of it being rehabilitated and re-opened, none ever came to fruition.

“It’s a really sad day,” said former Cabana Room bartender Harv Cervisia, who now heads the Octavian Department of Food and Beverage Safety. “After the beer got contaminated by that weird mold and made people hallucinate most of the pilots stopped coming.  The only customers we saw belonged to some cult group that called themselves Timlearyans — and they were sucky tippers.”

The Cabana Room was made famous by WileE, one of the early Jumpgate Pirate Radio DJs who did his Crazy Coyote broadcasts live from the bar, regularly drawing huge crowds of pilots to the Great Pillars night spot.  After WileE left JPR and the live broadcasts from the Cabana Room stopped, it because known as a bit of a tourist trap with over-priced Oct Lite and tacky souvenirs – though the WileE bobble-head is now considered to be very collectible.


JPR Gets Ready to Break Radio Silence


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 3


JPR broadcasts, which had been regular events each week, and which all TRI pilots genuinely looked forward to, have dwindled in recent weeks. Officials at the “Fabulous Cabana Room” at Great Pillars Station are distraught as their revenues have dropped precipitously.

But hold on to your headsets, as recent word is that JPR is in the process of a corporate restructuring and will be back soon with new and old favorites, as well as an extended rebroadcast schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Quantar Civil War Erupts!

AQM and Brotherhood have had a relationship that is best described as tense the past few weeks as they have clashed over foreign policy issues – namely, political stance toward Solrain. AQM has been attacking Solrain and Octavius, while The Brotherhood has remained a close ally of Solrain. This had put the Brotherhood into an awkward situation, particularly after their warning of AQM not to fire on fellow Quantars. Both squadrons disagree on whether Solrain is a true ally of Quantar, and it is this that created the powder keg that exploded in stupendous fury tonight.

It all began as Drizzt321 flew through unreg space, claiming sectors for his squadron, M00, from AQM as he went. Drizzt claims that AQM had given him some trouble earlier, and that they had been “overbearing” on matters of squad claims and Quantar foreign policy. AQM forces tailed Drizzt and shot him down, seeing the claims as a “final straw,” as he had been warned numerous times before to cease his squad claiming from AQM (though the number of times he was warned is under dispute). Drizzt321 claims he was only claiming sectors and flipping beacons for valuable flight experience and credits and that this is yet another sign of AQM’s overbearing and aggressive nature. He claims he had no intent to fight. As far as this reporter can tell, Ntwadumela of AQM was then downed in reply to GrimGriz of AQM’s downing of Drizzt321 – a violation of Brotherhood’s demand that AQM leave fellow Quantars alone if they were going to commit to aggression against Solrain.

JPR was on the scene reporting of this incident from the very start, and we here at Warcry thank them for their diligance to this community. Great broadcast, if I do say so myself (I happened to be the Producer tonight – JPrime was the main man, our DJ).

Shortly before this reporter’s sign off, three major-conflict indicators appeared on the tactical overlay on the the galactic map – One in Quantar Core, one in Omni V, and one in Wake Station. Skirmish indicators also lighted up in Cerulean Clouds. No doubt this is only an indicator in the vicious ferocity to come in the Quantar Civil War of 104.

May whatever dieties you bow to show mercy upon the souls of us all.

This is Icefoxen of the Solrain News Network, JG Warcry, and JPR reporting to you from Cornea Station – signing off.