Let OBI Know You Won’t Stand for Bully Tactics

A UUNN Editorial
by Fence

OctBurger Industries (OBI) thinks it can suppress information about its products and maintain its market share by bullying and threatening. And while Octavius has a long history of resolving issues through wars, duels and fights – this is none of those. OBI did not challenge Askume or me to a duel. This is not about an honorable (if bloody) solution to a dispute between parties. This is a feeble attempt to bully people into ignoring the fact that their products are inferior and easy to replace. This is a sad alternative to a lawsuit they know they would lose.

And the worst part about it is that they’ve chosen to make two Octavians their targets! Are they deluded? Have they been hitting the Oct Light too hard? Maybe this would have worked on a Sol, a Quant or a Hyperial . . . but when you call-out an Oct, you’re going to GET an Octavian — in your face.

Unfortunately, we have not been directly challenged … we’ve just had private bounties placed on us. Short of heading over to their corporate offices and shooting-up the place, we don’t have a lot of recourse. But maybe there’s something we can ALL do together. Maybe we can register our collective displeasure in a very simple, direct way: we stop buying and eating OctBurger Industries products! So … no OctBurgers … no Baby Bitz … no SlugNuggets … no BloodBlizzard shakes. And my guess is, that if a lot of us join together to do this, then maybe the OctBurger Board of Directors will wish we had chosen to come shoot-up the offices instead.

So I, personally, call on pilots — all pilots – to join me in boycotting all OctBurger restaurants and OctBurger frozen foods. To show your solidarity with us, just sign your name or leave a brief message in the Comments section below this editorial.

They can bounty a pilot or two. They can even double or triple the current bounties. But they cannot bounty everyone and they cannot hope to stand against our united opposition.