The Hopestead Herald 1.2

the news . . . reconsidered
by 11yana

While the Cerulean Clouds Ore Depot cries out to KTRI of its chilling contents as a result of Edgar Reece Industries’ (E.R.I.) latest community outreach endeavor, Mining Madness Mondays, Octavius Core bulges with biomass from the economic gauntlet thrown down by Optimus clanlord.

I managed to get a candid interview with one of clanlord’s underlings, the mining drone of -=DSRG=- assigned to Octavius Core, who revealed their operating territory and methods:


Conflux response to the drones Hive assault has been minimal, with a single infestation of the Ekoo’s/Rounds gate in the interim, where accolade legend Hammer-BS joined in with pilots Nessos, fp and StopSign to clear the way. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Hammer-BS confessed to being the unknown pilot who destroyed Hyperial’s phosphorous nanoproducer last year.

Aeghwhyn, started his first days as Octavius’ newest Phalera Maxima in celebration with the former (clanlord), as sources report they were seen brewing up a special batch of chemicals in Quantar Corridor shortly before press time.

Good luck in tomorrow’s flux-off pilots, and as always:

In these trying times there is always Light at the Gateway of your Heart. Fly safe.

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