Hyperial Celebrates Rauder

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Today, on what would have been his 62nd birthday, Hyperial celebrates the life of Dr. Kelvin Rauder.   All Hyperial businesses and comm networks will shut down from 12:00 – 12:15 UTC.

Rauder served eleven years as President — most of them littered with controversy — from appointing someone Quantar considered a war criminal as his head of security … to surviving an ouster attempt … to the abduction of Quantar Delegates … to the Letifer Virus and the genocidal attempt at eradication of the Fourth Tribe.  He was also suspected of having connections to the deaths of Brother Io and Dayalu.  There were even rumors at one point that he was one of the Amananth 20.

Rauder was assassinated on 109.11.2.  While Hyperial blamed Quantar, no evidence of any kind was ever found to support the allegation.


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