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UUNN Newswire

(Cornea Station)  Professor Athena ShaiDen, Xenobiology Chairperson at Sutonia University, released the following statement on the recent infestations blocking unregulated space:

Upon hearing about the spate of infestations that had sprung up across space, I installed my prototype Narrow Beam Scanner and headed out to gather data.  In some instances it was simple, raw data from the infestations, but in a couple instances I was able to gather differential data before and after nuke strikes.


Although my team at Sutonia University is still evaluating the data, some of the patterns I saw in the data from the strongest infestations — Light Lost, Outer Ring, Inner Storm and Greater Arm — were very similar to patterns we recorded in 115 during the Battle for Dark Crossroads.

What we saw then was infestations that lasted for days — not only because they were strong, but because unlike normal infestations, these infestations regenerated (it was never determined exactly how).

Today, pilots were able to “brute force” one of these super-infestations (Quantar Gate/Greater Arm).  We may be able to do the same on the remaining ones — or we could suspend efforts temporarily in hopes that Lexxor can duplicate the specially modified weapons use in the Battle for DX.

It is not for me to say which approach to take.

I will provide additional information if we find anything of additional importance during our analysis.


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