Adiar Calls for All-Out War on Conflux

by Ares Kiden

(Solrain Core Station) After yesterday’s massive infestation event and the independent analysis done by Xenobiology expert Prof. Athena ShaiDen, TRI-DEF’s Conflux-guy, Carlo Adiar spoke out with a very different view.

“This was a punch in the face,” said an agitated Adiar.  “And we need to respond.  With force.  If we don’t it’ll be a sign of weakness . . . blood in the water.  And then, god help us.”

Adiar’s recommendation:  all-out war.  “I say we ‘brute force’ those remaining infestations.  We have plenty of nukes in stock.  I don’t see what the issue is,” said Adiar in response to ShaiDen’s recent analysis.  “But we should not stop there.  We need to send out a call for all pilots to go on the offensive.  Take conflux missions.  Harvest Conflux biomass.  Destroy Conflux hives.  Wipe out Conflux swarms.”

“These primitive space-fish are more instinctive than intelligent.  Let’s let them know we don’t [edited] around.  Watch them tuck-tail and sulk.”


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