Festival Event Results Are In

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Approximately 50 pilots (including several drones) were logged-in for duty during the Festival! 119 Holiday, and for most of the events there were at least a few contestants. The organizers in TRI Corporation have already been discussing ideas on how to improve next year’s events.


Pilots Choice Awards

A number of votes came in just under the wire and the final rush resulted in Clanlord receiving the required seven votes for the Pilots Choice Award for Econ Support.medal168

Clanlord was, by far, the leading overall vote-getter with 16 votes across all categories, but only received the required minimum of seven votes in one category.  There were a total of 13 qualifying voters, casting 59 votes (not everyone voted for each category). A number of people voted without including their Pilot handle — those votes were not counted.

BeerFest Missions

As has become the tradition, the holiday began with the BeerFest missions.  Although there was some delay in getting the missions started, they were all completed by the end of the first day.  In an unusual twist, all three of the missions were completed by one pilot:  MLDeath of The Brotherhood.  (MLDeath made it clear, though, that while he did the clean up, there were many others who completed the lions share of the missions. So congratulations to him and to all who participated.) 

Special shout-outs also go to Aeghwhyn and Clanlord who maximized production at all three breweries in anticipation of the event.

To Boldly Go …

Aeghwhyn was the run-away winner of this year’s artifact-hunting contest which had only five contestants:

  • First-place: Aeghwhyn (64) Cesium Medal and EB-3/2/1 stack
  • Second place Don_Brasco (27) Platinum Medal and an AB-3;
  • Third place Clanlord (11) Antimony Medal and an EB-3.

Tiberius and Ambrosius participated but did not have the minimum of 10 artifacts found.

TRI Trivia: “Thrice-Seven Edition”

This year’s TRI-Trivia has a “Thrice Seven” theme and was, according to some, the toughest trivia quiz yet.

  • MLDeath and Tiberius got 5/5 correct .  They will earn the Seeker of Knowledge medal along with 1 million credits.
  • Hammer-BS got 4/5 correct; and Clanlord got 3/5 correct.  They will each receive the Keval’s Thanks award along with 500,000 credits.

This years questions (and answers) were as follows:

  1. How many of The Thrice Seven are known to be alive at this time?  [Six (6)  https://jgnewsnet.wordpress.com/2018/10/27/quantar-honors-yasar-el-baz/]

  2. Who is the only “named” conflux sentient who was NOT one of the assimilated members of The Thrice Seven?  [Zythren, First of Ka;  https://jgnewsnet.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/sentient-messages-show-clear-thread/ https://jglibrary.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/the-battle-for-dark-crossroads-examined/]

  3. One of the Thrice Seven member Namtarr’s notable accomplishments happened in 66 AT.  Name it. [The Battle at the Edge.  https://tridatabank.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/julian-war/ ;  or the Timeline]

  4. Which member of the Thrice Seven whose fame was tied to a pale blue star?  [Enkido Kahn;  https://jgnewsnet.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/dss-yields-thrice-seven-log-entry/]

  5. How old was Thrice Seven member Yasar when Aldus was elected as the First Prime of TRI?  [11 {we know Yasar tuned 100 on 118.10,27  https://jgnewsnet.wordpress.com/2018/10/09/t7-centenarian-celebration-planned/; we know Aldus I was elected in 029.11  https://tridatabank.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/primes-of-the-reconstruction-initiative/]

Mission Madness

The final event of the holiday was Mission Madness — which drew the most contestants by far with 16 pilots participating.  This years winners were:

  1. First-place Aeghwhyn (272) Cesium Medal and a CM-4, 3, 2 stack
  2. Second place MLDeath (188) Platinum Medal and a CM-4;
  3. Third place DSRG-r-Sco*** (49) Antimony Medal and a CM-3

Hammer-BS (81), Don_Brasco (71), Drevent (31), xanatos (23), Tiberius (16) and Donnie  (14) will receive Captain’s Commendations.

 *** A special meeting of the Festival! committee was convened to determine whether drones were eligible for awards.  The committee decided that it was not clear in the Festival! by-laws, so they have permitted it this year.

All medals and prizes should be awarded by the end of this week.  Artifact prizes will be placed in the pilot’s DSU (Depot Storage Unit).

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