TRI Trivia has a T-7 Theme This Year

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) This year’s TRI Trivia contest is a little bit different than previous versions of the contest.  This one has  a bit of a theme. As usual, there are five questions to answer —  and all of the answers can be found here on UUNN; on TRI-Databank; in the Sarath V. Library; or on the Timeline of The Reconstruction.  Hopefully it will require a little bit of “digging.”

Here are the questions:

  1. How many of The Thrice Seven are known to be alive at this time?
  2. Who is the only “named” conflux sentient who was NOT one of the assimilated members of The Thrice Seven? 
  3. One of the Thrice Seven-member Namtarr’s notable accomplishments happened in 66 AT.  Name it. 
  4. Which member of the Thrice Seven fame was tied to a “pale blue star?”  
  5. How old was Thrice Seven member Yasar when Aldus was elected as the First Prime of TRI?

Answers must be submitted to by midnight on Saturday 119.11.30  (24:00) UTC.

The awards:

All five answers correct: Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits
1 to 4 answers correct: Keval’s Thanks medal and 500k credits
0 for 5: Captain’s Commendation

UUNN will publish links to the answers at the end of Festival! after winners have been announced.

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