Seven Years Later; Still No Answers

An Opinion
by Ares Kiden

(UUNN HQ)  Tomorrow is the Solrain holiday Alkotó … Founders Day . . . The Closing  . . . it’s a traditional, ancient holiday and it’s a business holiday (end of the Fiscal Year for almost every Solrain company). 

But it’s also the day the lights went out seven years ago — the anniversary of The Catastrophe —  and it seems like everyone has forgotten about it.  Five years ago there was a symposium to debate and discuss  its possible causes.  There were two groups formed from that symposium but there does not appear to be any record of a subsequent work effort from either group.

About a year after the symposium, Dr. Veron Ni’bur, the Astrophysics Chair at Barnard University proposed “dark-matter lensing” as a possible cause.  But his paper was never published and his theory was broadly dismissed.

I have no idea how much credit to give Dr. Nibur’s theories, but I’m puzzled and troubled that the theories were dismissed without any real detail — and without anyone offering an alternative idea.  Are we so afraid to be wrong that no one is pursuing hard questions?  Are we that completely complacent?  Or is someone actually trying to suppress interest in this research?

I don’t think I’m an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist but I feel like the entire universe has been lobotomized.  No one is particularly happy . . . no one is particularly sad. There’s no competition for goods.  There’s no competition for territory.  There no competition for information.  There are no pirates.  There are no skirmishes.  And almost every faction is officially at at some level of neutrality with all of the others.

Ironically, Dr. Veron Ni’bur made a similar observation about unanswered questions and apathy at the end of his paper The Battle for Dark Crossroads, Examined.  It very accurately summarizes how I feel:

So here I, and we, sit.



Knowing there is something more to all of this.  And completely impotent to do anything about it.

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