DSS Riddle Deepens

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) Further follow-up discussions has revealed a yet deeper mystery to the “message” on the DSS-3 recently data-recovered and decrypted by Jalil Aq’tamm and Hammer-BS.  We have now learned that image hidden within the first image somehow leads to a cryptic survey titled The Inquest (25.3.5010).  Inquest

When asked about his recent decryption revelation, Hammer-BS said, “There were 4 phases of decryption from octal numbers to text, from text to image, from image to qr-code and from qr-code to survey. Especially the hidden image was tough to find as there’s no obvious clue that it is there.”

hidden image“I was able to modify my Oracle-scanner and use it with the image. It turned out it was in fact a code that linked to a survey which is titled “The Inquest (25.3.5010)”. I filled out the survey, but have no idea what will happen next,” he added.

Assuming this was referring to a date, we contacted historian Professor D. Karr of the University of Solrain at Sol Core (USSC)

“Well if this date is Sorian Standard as it appears, then you’ve found a survey that was created created during the Dark Age — just 200 years after The Great Collapse.  That would be very surprising, but I guess it is possible.  There is little information from that time and in a brief search I found nothing relating to The Inquest.  But I will look a bit deeper and let you know.”

Hammer-BS has established himself as a leading expert on complex DSS decryptions.  We asked him how he approaches a decryption like this one:

“At first I look at the code. If I find a list of numbers I try to translate them to text by finding the correct number system For example if there are only numbers from 0 to 7 it is probably an octal-system like here. If you find a list of chars without spaces that end with “=”or “==” it is probably a base64- or base32-decryption. It is possible that this decrypts to another text or even to images or audio. Of course there can be combinations of these methods which have to be done one after another. There’s always trial and error involved as well. But with a little experience you get an idea what you try first and gain assurance whether your approach was right or wrong.”

If this decryption is, in fact a 200-year-old survey, it begs the questions:  What was its purpose?  Who was running it?  And why were such pains taken to hide it?  Hammer-BS said he completed the survey, but it is hard to imagine that anyone could still be listening.


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