Disputed Structure Destroyed

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The long-disputed Phosphorous Nanoproducer in Hyperial Station sector was destroyed in the early hours today.  The structure which was built approximately fifteen years ago, became a center of controversy in 117.6 when Quantar claimed it had received evidence that the building also housed a secret Hyperial GenMod (genetic modificiations) test facility.  The building was severely damaged on 117.7 in a coordinated attack by pilots AmbrosiusCrackheadEismannHammer-BSNereid and Roidrider.  nano assembler

The building remained in that state until 119.2.28 when when several explosions almost destroyed it — which some believed was Quantar retribution for pilot GrimGriz destroying a damaged Duelist factory in Omni IV on the birthday anniversary of former Hyperial President, the late Dr Kelvin Rauder.

Several pilots, including Clanlord, GrimGriz, Harvey, Imorg, and Me.1 began repairing the structure; while Ambrosius — who had been in on the initial attack effort — continuously attacked and damaged the structure.  It was reported that Dr. Viggio Ragne, Hyperial Special Representative for the Office of the President, urged defender to keep the structure operational (i.e. at least 75% structural integrity) for 24 hours so that “recovery teams” could access the facility and complete their work.

It is not known who made the final attacks completely destroying the building, or whether Hyperial Recovery Teams were able to complete their salvage effort.


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