Hyperial Rewards Pilots

by Yaz Shanndar

(Hyperial Station)  Hyperial today recognized the efforts of several pilots who worked to repair the damaged building in Hyperial Station sector.  Dr. Viggio Ragne, Hyperial Special Representative for the Office of the President, released the following statement:

“We are elated to be able to recognize four pilots who put aside their daily duties to repair the Phosphorous Nanoproducer that had been attacked by Quantar two years ago, hyperial-duty-ribbonand which had experienced 3 suspicious explosions over the last few days.  We are awarding the Hyperial Duty Ribbon, 20 PR units and 100,000 credits each to pilots GrimGriz, Imorg, Me.1 and OrkaOrka had initially performed repairs on the structure, while GrimGriz, Imorg and Me.1 brought the building back from the brink of collapse after subsequent explosions nearly destroyed it.

“And I must make special mention of Imorg, a Quantar, who risked censure by his own faction and clearly demonstrated that not all Quantar are deceitful and evil.”

The repaired building is nominally a Phosphorous Nanoproducer, but was alleged by Quantar to be a GenMod Test Laboratory.

Quantar Second Tahir Sandokhan Neamru had a different perspective.  “Hyperial lies and subterfuge are ceaseless.  And they never seem to lack fools dim enough to believe them.  Sadly, one of them was ours this time.  We hope he will come to see the error of his ways — nonetheless, his Quantar PR has been reduced for actions against Quantar and its people.”


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