Space Oddity: Pirate Repairs Hyperial Lab

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) We have received confrmed reports that the pirate-tagged pilot GrimGriz was seen helping with repair on the badly-damaged building in Hyperial sector that was allegedly being used as a GenMod test laboratory, and where several explosions had nearly destroyed Repair Yaaarthe already-damaged building over the last few days.

The building, which is officially labeled as a Phosphorous Nanoproducer, was identified by Quantar as a GenMod laboratory, after evidence was smuggled from Hyperial to Quantar.  A Quantar-sponsored mission successfully put the laboratory out of commission on 117.7.6 and it had remained so until recently.  Several pilots were awarded the Chrysalis Campaign Ribbon for their efforts in exposing and destroying the alleged lab.



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