Festival! Storyteller Contest

Sarath V Memorial Library

Here are the pictures for the Sarath V Memorial Library’s Festival! 118 Storyteller Contest.   Your story should describe what the place in the picture is.  What happened there … or what will happen.  What’s it’s purpose?  What’s its secret? Is it from the past … present … or future?  Let your imagination run wild!  You can even incorporate more than one of these settings into your story if you want.

It can be a narrative (report … log … memorandum … etc.) or a full-blown story with characters.  It can be third-person or first-person … or even scripted like a play or screen play.

(click on a picture below for a full-size image)

Storyteller 1Storyteller 2Storyteller 3

Make it long or make it short (minimum 3,000 words).  Make it funny or make it tragic.  It’s entirely up to you.

Submit YOUR story to librarian@tri-subspace.net by Sunday 118.11.25 at 24:00 UTC.  If our editors select your story for publishing in the Sarath V Memorial Library, you will receive a Newtron Literary Award (aka “The Newt”) and 5 million credits.


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