Quantar Honors Yasar El-Baz

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core Station)  Quantar celebrated the 100th birthday of Yasar El-Baz, the last remaining Quantar member of the Thrice Seven.

A small group gathered for a welcome speech by Third Tahir Dr. Silar Tashawar, which highlighted the amazing number of seminal evebnts that have happened during Yasar’s 100-year lifetime.  The Tahir also took the opportunity to recognize Yasar’s years of service with two awards:  Quantar’s Flame and The Spade of Karadron.

Yasar 100th

There are just six of the original 21 members of the Thrice Seven known to be alive:  Cerekerr, Namtarr, Nintalik, Yasar, Takenus and Suthandl.  A seventh, Dimetries, is believed to be alive, but his whereabouts are unknown.

The complete text of the speech by Tahir Tashawar is shown below:

Today is a very special day.  We honor a hero on his 100th birthday.  We honor Yasar El-Baz, Quantar’s last surviving member of The Thrice Seven.

But simply to define Yasar in that one role he played would be an injustice.  His 100 years have been very full years and his eyes have been witness to an amazing amount of history.  Just think about it.

  • In 18AT, when Yasar was born, The Reconstruction had technically been going on for18 years, but only Solrain and Quantar were members.
  • The TRI Charter was not signed until 30 AT, when Yasar was 12 years old. He saw ALL SIX TRI Primes elected.
  • He was 2 years old when first “re-contact” was made with Octavius and 8 when Octavius joined The Reconstruction.
  • When Yasar was 20, Amananth was discovered by Enkido – with whom Yasar would later become inextricably linked in the Thrice Seven.
  • Two years later, in 40 AT, Yasar was on a ship in the mining convoy that made the first post-collapse contact with Hyperial.
  • In 70 AT, Yasar was selected as one of seven Quantar test-pilots to test single-pilot jump-ships – the group which came to be known as The Thrice Seven.
  • At age 64, Yasar saw the beginning of the Second GVB Wars — and four years later the destruction of Zantor Station and the final defeat of Hyperial.
  • He saw the invention of the Extraction Wave on 89 and then launched into his well-known10-year mission of exploration and mapping. His maps were the first o ever be made publicly-available  and updated versions are in still use today.

Finally, in 99AT – just as pilots began filling the spacelanes with the single-pilot jumpships that he had tested; and began large-scale mining using the maps that he  created – Yasar, then age 81, began his well-earned retirement.

And, so, in commemoration of an amazing life, well-lived, I am honored today to present Yasar with the Quantar’s Flame medal.

And in gratitude for his tremendous contributions to the art and science of mining, I am pleased to present Yasar with The Spade of Karadron!

Bless you, Yasar El-Baz.  Your life is an ongoing tribute to all that is good in Quantar.  Happy 100th birthday!

We will continue to serve refreshment at Quantar Core for a few more minutes for any pilots who may be nearby.

Thank you.

Farishaba’at Hamalzah!



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