“FluxPert” Suggests Hive Strategy

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ)  Xenobiologist and Conflux “expert” Professor Athena ShaiDen believes she has uncovered a potential strategy for destroying the targeted Flux hives.  “I have been monitoring the telemetry from the test-runs against the hives,” said ShaiDen.  “Mr. Adiar is absolutely correct in his assessment that timing is everything.  But I think one thing that no one has publicly discussed is that longer-established hives are much more difficult to destroy than newly-spawned ones — which only take about 5 nukes to take out.”

ShaiDen believes the key strategy it’s persistence.  She contends that it may take more than one run through these sectors to take out all of the hives.  “There just might be enough time for a modest number of pilots to complete this mission by going on a second bombing run when the re-spawned hives are in a weakened state,” she said.  “If all hives are reduced to a strength of 5-nukes, then all 25 may be able to be destroyed in the required 1-hour period.”

When asked whether she believed that Hives are, in fact, responsible for asteroids not-cooling, ShaiDen said, “I really have no idea.  I was not privy to the data collected by TRI Corp.  But it sounds like the best theory we have right now — and the best way to test it is by destroying these hives.”


One response to ““FluxPert” Suggests Hive Strategy

  1. We have heard rumors that some of the hives in the mission list do not re-spawn after destruction. Can anyone confirm this?

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