TRI Expert Thinks “Timing is Everything”

by Thane Carios

(Outpost Station) Carlo Adiar is saying that “timing is everything” for the current hive-destruction mission. Adiar is the TRI-DEF Assistant Director for Conflux Studies and was part of the team calling for this mission. “We still can’t determine exactly what is going on, but we do know one thing for sure:  there is some very strange EM coming out of those five sectors — and there are five hives in each of those sectors. That’s not normal. The hives have to be connected to all of this.”

The five sectors referred-to are First Sight, C-3309, C-1101, C-1102, and C-2199. Pilots are now being asked to organize a coordinated raid to destroy all of the hives in each of those sectors.

According to Carlo Adiar, “The trick is to complete this mission within one spawn cycle.  Our best data says re-spawn happens within an hour pretty consistently. But the only way to know for sure whether the hives are the root cause is to completely wipe them out,” said Adiar. “I see two ways to go about doing this — brute-force the problem with dozens of nuke-toting pilots, with attack groups assigned to each sector; OR attack this strategically with just a handful of pilots, carefully plotting a route that maximizes time efficiency.”

There have been unverified reports that one or more test-runs were made, where 10 nukes were sufficient to destroy a hive.  But even if true, it is unknown whether all hives are the same strength — or whether hive-strength is a constant, or something that changes over time.


One response to “TRI Expert Thinks “Timing is Everything”

  1. with the pilot roster being as low as it is now a coordinated strike against 25 hives deep in conlux space seems a bridge too far in my opinion