TRI Research & Development Calls for Beacon Cooperation

by Thane Carios

(Outpost Station)  TRI Corporation’s Dr. Zhia Katdinal today called for pilots and factions alike to cooperate to help solve the ongoing mystery on why asteroids are not cooling after being mined.

“The only actionable information we have so far has come from Quantar, and they used specially-tuned beacons to get it,” said Katdinal.  “They discovered that something is causing the asteroids, once heated by mining, to remain in a high-entropy state.  We have yet to determine what that something is.”160811_155441

“We need more data from beacons – a LOT more.  But the key is that we need the data to be as consistent as possible, so we can only use data taken from beacons tuned to ONE factional frequency.  In other words, we need the beacons to be the same color.”

“Unfortunately, TRI Corp’s mission computers are not programmed to offer this sort of mission, and we just don’t have the luxury of taking the time to develop and test a new set of programs.  We need this data now . . . this has already taken too long.  So we are asking pilots to do this on their own initiative.  It vital that they get together and agree to one factional frequency (color).  Ideally, we would want to see every single beacon in non-conflux space tuned.  This will provide the first-best opportunity for us to get this mystery solved.”

Zhia Katdinal is TRI Corporation’s Director of Astrophysics and Cartography.  She’s the daughter of Dr. Zhilaa Katdinal, who held a similar position with TRI.  Zhilaa was tragically killed in 102 AT (allegedly by the group known as the TRI Evolutionary Council).


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