Miners Days Contest Winners

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core) Although the asteroid cooling problem seemed to overshadow this year’s holiday, there were a couple of activities.

The first one was an opportunity for pilots to vote for a new Quantar award — the Shahir Assad or “Shining Lion.”  The award is for lifetime achievements in service of Quantar.  Shahir Assad - medal1031As with the Solrain Hall of Fame, the voting ended in a tie between Tezrend and Ambrosius, so a randomized choice was made — and the winner was Tezrend (aka Tesrend)!  Votes were also received for tom-t and the late FS-Falcon.

The other holiday contest was QuanTrivia where there were four entrants getting all five answers correct and winning a Cesium Medal, a CM4 and 1 million credits!  Congratulations to the winners:  Hammer-BS, Gander, ML-Death and Clanlord!

The awarding of medals and prizes should be completed over the next few days.

For those who are interested the QuanTrivia questions, answers and sources were as follows:

Q1:  Which Quantar planet was most impacted by The Great Collapse?
Answer:  Perasca
(the same info can also be found on the official time line)

Q2: When Did Mehr’Lim  (aka Quantar Core) Station Open? 
Answer:  1683 BT
Source:  Official Time Line (http://timeglider.com/t/87bab9cb1fa72994f920?min_zoom=32&max_zoom=59http://timeglider.com/t/87bab9cb1fa72994f920?min_zoom=32&max_zoom=59)

Q3: What Quantar trading and refining outpost was instrumental in the ending  of the Second GVB Wars?
Answer:  Zantor Station
(This could also have been figured out using the official time line)

Q4: What Quantar Zealot Group was destroyed in 97AT?
Answer:  The Striking Fist
Sources:  the easiest source would be the official time line, but this could also have been figured out using TRI Databank.

Q5: What Quantar holiday is celebrated in the third month each year?
Answer:  Nowruz


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