Infestation Overload

by Thane Carios

(Outpost Station)  Infestations have been popping up across space with increased frequency over the past couple of weeks — with some of them seeming impregnable.  What make this current flurry even more unusual is that there have been no reports of sentient conflux seeding or defending the infestations.infest2

“Something is definitely going on here,” said Carlo Adiar, the head of Conflux Studies for TRI-DEF (TRI Corporation, Defense & Security Division).  “And it’s not good.  We’re seeing infestations on the increase and nuke stocks on the decrease.  Pilots better get after this quickly or we’re going to have a problem.”

As of right now, there are infestations at Oct Shore/Blasted Corner; Arkans Cloud/The Rim; Arkans Cloud/Outer Edge; Imperial Gates/Dark Fork; Cerulean Clouds/Azure Churn; Cerulean Coulds/Hirbel’s Channel; and Morain Harbor/Bronci Rift.

“We have about 3,500 nukes in public markets,” said Adiar.  “Normally that would be an adequate supply, but with the number. frequency and strength of these infestations, that inventory could drop fast.  And the REALLY big issue is the supplies of Conflux Biomass and Electronics.  I have requested that TRI sponsor a mission to collect biomass as soon as possible.”

When asked whether there was a plan to conduct studies of the infestations, Adiar responded that there just was not the time or resources for studies at this point.


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