The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. II, No. 6 – by Ares Kiden

Oct Core Bombarded by Flux

Oct Core was attacked by Conflux on 7.5 with the station sustaining some minor damage.  Apparently the Conflux attacked outbuildings first, but there has been not official report on any damage there.  They also attacked the station and were trying to do something at the ETP.  This was the largest station attack we have seen in quite some time.  You have to wonder if this was random or if Flux aggression will be ramping up.

Chatty AI

For the first time in a very long time we’ve been hearing from the Amananth Station AI (aka DPDQ).  First in relation to repairing the production for the “inhibitor” (aka antiflux); and later when it apparently scolded RazorsKiss for having someone blow up an old New Dawn area in the station.  The messages were transmitted in hex — which just seems lazy to me.

New Sol Speaker Elected

Well Arbin Mallow finally made to to the Speaker’s chair.  The dude has been elected to the STCC for 32-straight years.  I think that has to be a record.  He beat a young guy named Aeolsah who has never been elected to the STCC (he was Demeter Garreth’s Aide and his dad is a big-wig at Dorator).  I think I would have had to vote for Aeolsah.  I mean … how do you not vote for that name?

Sol Hall of Fame Initiated

As part of the Reconstruction Days celebration, the STCC decided to start a new tradition by opening up a poll to vote for the very first inductee to the Solrain Hall of Fame.  The vote ended up in a four-way tie between Hifly, Hurricane, Samwise and Vorlon31, so they did a random selection and Vorlon came out as the selection.  Congrats, V!  So will there be a statue or something?



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