Factions Weigh-In on Transport Destruction

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  After a pilot claimed responsibility for destroying a crippled automated transport ship owned by TRI Corporation, TRI called on the factions to punish the pilot.  The Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (STCC) provided the first, and most comprehensive response:

Clearly this was a capricious act by a plot more concerned with his own agendas and vendettas than the welfare of all.  We very much understand the position of TRI Corporation in trying to ensure there are consequences. But while we abhor the waste of such precious cargo, we feel that the long-standing rights of salvage are clear here.  The ship was in unregulated space.  There was no living person aboard.  The ship was clearly not under any kind of powered control.

So, while we feel that the general nature of this detestable act merits punishment, we do not believe there is any legal precedent to do so.  If any additional facts arise that change the legal circumstances , we are ready to reconsider this position.

The Quantar response was short and vague:

We are saddened by this senseless acts of destruction, but Hamalzah’s plan is not always clear.

While there was no official response from Octavius, once anonymous official from Martius simply laughed and said: “Space is dangerous.”

Without the support of the factional governments, it is not clear what other avenues are available to TRI Corp, other than to file an insurance claim.


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